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The Revolutionary 2-In-1 Pressure Washer & Cleaning Brush

The Blaster Brush cleaning brush is claimed to be the easiest, fastest and most efficient carwash device in the world. Attach to a normal garden hose and off you go – a brilliant, complete car wash and rinse, done in 10 minutes, without bending, reaching or getting wet and using up to 75% less water! The Blaster Brush has a patented, non-powered, high-pressure washer attachment built in that allows the water to blast to an incredible power wash of up to 2 storeys high, whereas the old fashioned, conventional flow thru wash brush only reaches a mere 2 metres.

Although it may look like it, this is not a flow through brush. It’s far better!

Non-Powered, Easy-to-use & Versatile
Just use any standard garden hose and fit it into the bottom of the Blaster Brush’s handle, no need to go out and buy a completely new specialised hose or attachment, or an electrical extension, plugs or sockets. The water trigger controls the pressure washer spray and is conveniently situated at the base of the handle so there’s no extra effort or need to fiddle with taps.

Need to stretch over your car to get everywhere? Not anymore. The Blaster Brush has a lightweight aluminium telescopic pole where the length is adjustable to attain those difficult high reach places with the wash brush, like the roof, 4×4’s, boats and campers. It lets you effortlessly wash a section of your vehicle in just a few quick, short swipes with the washing brush, then blast off the wet soap with clean water immediately before it can streak and leave any soapy residue.

Cleaning your car has never been easier with the Blaster Brush pressure washer and cleaning brush! No more bending over or reaching leaving you with an aching back. The cleaning brush’s extra length and pressure washer means no more wet clothes, soap spills or chemicals on your hands. Since you won’t ever get wet again, you can wash your car in any weather with the best car wash products.

Non-scratch &Eco-friendly
The bristles on the cleaning brush are guaranteed 100% non-scratch and flare all the way around the rectangular design, ensuring your car’s surface is safe from any damages or scratches. The Blaster Brush pressure washer uses up to 75% less water then a normal hand car wash making it an eco car wash and saving you money on water bills. Washing and rinsing with the water jet power washer can be done simultaneously, saving you time from back tracking your steps and re-rinsing. Power washing couldn’t possibly be any more convenient and safe for your car using the Blaster Brush car wash brush with handle.

Effortless with Multiple Applications
All you need is a bucket, car shampoo and the Blaster Brush cleaning brush. No more sponges, chamois, chemicals, fancy useless gadgets or other messy car wash equipment. The water exit point is completely separate from the bristles, unlike its predecessor, the Flow Thru brush which releases water via the soapy bristles. Any stubborn grime on the car can be safely blasted off with complete ease using the power sprayer. No more scrubbing tirelessly away at mud, salt and filthy wheels and grills. It’s your first line of defence from corrosion and exterior surface damage.

The car wash brush can be used to clean refuse bins, boats, trailers, driveways, barbeques, lawn mowers, 4x4s and the list doesn’t end there:
• Boats
• Campers/ Caravans
• 4x4s
• Trailers
• Home windows
• Facia boards
• Paving
• Driveways
• Decks
• Outdoor furniture
• Barbeques
• Bicycles
• Lawnmowers
• Refuse bins
• Gutters

The patented Blaster Brush is the only power wash car washing equipment of its kind. The Blaster Brush is a must-have for any chain, DIY, home store and car wash equipment distributor because of its innovative design, efficiency and vast amount of outdoor uses. The Blaster Brush is expected to be the hottest new product on shelves by our distributors in Africa, Europe & Asia. Blaster Brush pressure washer and cleaning brush is seeking distributors and agents worldwide.

As car wash equipment manufacturers, we strive for the highest quality using only approved non-leak components. We believe the Blaster Brush is the best water-based brush product manufactured in China.

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