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Festival Ear Plugs Are More Popular Than Ever

Earplugs have recently gained new publicity thanks to festival goers filling their online shopping baskets with musician earplugs and sleep and snoring earplugs. It seems after many years of drilling the message concerning the damage loud music can do to your ears has paid off. Not only has one of the UK’s most popular ear plug retailers, Earplug Shop seen an increase in demand for musician earplugs, campers are also looking into the benefits sleep and snoring earplugs can provide them after the day’s show is over.

Earplug Shop have seen a dramatic increase in exposure for their range of festival earplugs that features hearing protection against loud music and sound blocking devices perfect for light sleepers. Rob Doole, Managing Director of Earplug Shop said: “After a full day of stage hopping and listening to music whilst enjoying the sunshine, many festival attendees want to carry on throughout the night and organise after-parties. This can result in the campsite being extremely noisy and for those who wish to retire for the evening, they are usually left unable to sleep.”

Sleep and snoring earplugs are designed to be worn in bed and will comfortably sit in the ear canal without the wearer feeling that they may fall out. The noises of a snoring campsite buddy and parties going on in the neighbouring cluster of tents will sound as if they are at a far distance.

Musician earplugs have also found a new wave of popularity as people are increasingly becoming aware of the potential damage they could be causing their hearing. “The beauty of musician earplugs is that they allow the wearer to hear sounds clearly without the disturbance of background noise, whilst blocking noises that can cause damage to your hearing,” Rob Doole continued.

The popularity of Earplug Shop’s musician and sleep and snoring earplugs has grown immensely since festival tickets have been on sale to the general public. The news that festival goers are taking to earplugs will be music to Earplug Shop’s ears as they have been spreading the message about how important it is to protect your hearing when at festivals for years.

Earplug Shop is a leading UK ear plug retailer who is passionate about the protection of their customer’s hearing. There is a fantastic range of ear plugs available at suitable for a variety of events including festivals.

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