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Better Than Bug Spray – Science Proves Internal Remedies Can Prevent Bug Bites

An itch-free summer is now possible without bug spray. New research has shown mosquito bites can be prevented by encouraging the body to create mosquito repelling compounds. Chemicals created by the skin cause mosquitoes to fly away instead of biting. Home remedies to keep bugs away have long included foods and vitamins. Now a Hawaii based company has developed a product based on the latest research that keeps mosquitoes from biting by confusing their sense of smell.

Researchers have discovered certain compounds to be much more attractive to insects than others, drawing them in to bite. Putting plant substances on the body or in the air is a common way to repel mosquitoes with scents they identify as unpleasant. We now know the body can also produce compounds that prevent bug bites. For more information on how humans can make their bodies naturally mosquito repellent check on the latest research at:

It’s long been known certain smells keep mosquitoes away. In a study done by the University of Guelph in Ontario, Lemon Thyme was 62% as effective in repelling mosquitoes as DEET. Citronella is almost always associated with mosquitoes. Catnip (in the form of oil) drives away both mosquitoes and cockroaches. Yet these are not effective all of the time.

Taking B vitamins, especially B1, has long been suggested as a method of changing body chemistry to keep bugs away. This hasn’t been backed by any scientific studies, and mixed results have been reported. Eating a lot of garlic has also been claimed to be a repelling method by many.

Based on the latest research of what repels mosquitoes, boosting the immune system can prevent mosquitoes from biting. Boosting the immune system changes the compounds released on the skin, so  mosquitoes aren’t attracted anymore. They get confused instead of biting, and look for a different meal.

Mosquito Solution is a new product based on this research. By supporting the immune system and encouraging the skin to produce its own repellent, mosquitoes are confused and don’t bite. Mosquito Solution is an all-natural product with simple, non-toxic ingredients is designed specifically prevent mosquito attacks.

“To stop mosquito bites for 3 hours, take 2 dropper-fulls of Mosquito Solution, in a plain or peppermint flavor and swishing in the mouth for 30 seconds and swallow. That’s all you have to do to be bite free,” said the founder of Mosquito Solution. Made in Hawaii, the ingredients are completely safe and non-toxic for kids and people of all ages. You can find out more about Mosquito Solution and how to repel mosquitoes naturally at

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