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Students Getting a Great Send Off With The Great Gift Company

With a number of students getting ready to either return to or start university parents all over the country will want to ensure that their children are ready to fend for themselves. The Great Gift Company, an online retailer offering a range of gifts for men, has released a great gift for all students; the Student Hamper.

Mette Downer, Director of the company, said:

“As parents, we all want to help prepare our children for university and I hope the student hamper will do exactly that. It has some essential items in there which we’re sure will be used more than once!”

The Student Hamper offered by the company contains four products that are perfect for all students. The laundry bag is a student’s best friend (well, when they eventually use it!), it is marked with “1 Week”, “2 Weeks”, “3 Weeks”, “Naked” and is a humorous and useful gift.

The Hungover Cookbook is the second product and it does what it says on the tin. Easy recipes that are graded depending on the severity of the hangover, a lifesaver during fresher’s week!

The third product is a Dictionary Booksafe which is perfect to keep their belongings safe in their rooms. Whether it is unexpected burglars or nosey roommates, the Booksafe is a brilliant product for all students.

The final gift in the hamper is the Pizza Saw; let’s face it, students are going to eat pizza but for all guys this is more than just your average pizza cutter. Shaped like a rotating saw, it will cut through any pizza toping.

The Student Hamper is priced at just £50 and is a great buy for all parents about to help their children pack up and move to university. You can buy it, as well as a range of Christmas gifts for men online today.

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