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Teaching Kids the Consequences of Shoplifting

Judy Whalen, founder of the Shoplifting IS Stealing! program, is the featured guest on the Living the Question radio program Sunday, October 7th at 4 p.m. CDT hosted by Von Goodwin.

Shoplifting is the #1 property crime in both the US and Canada. Peer pressure on kids is great as 89% of kids know kids who shoplift and 66% of those kids hang out with kids who shoplift.Shoplifting is a gateway crime that often leads kids to more serious crime. Yet many people don’t consider shoplifting a serious juvenile crime and kids often think of it as a “kick.”

The program, hosted by Von Goodwin, will address: compelling facts about why shoplifting as a juvenile crime is a major concern, reasons why kids shoplift, and the consequences of shoplifting.

Judy will also explain the innovative approach she is using to raise capital to expand and enhance the Shoplifting IS Stealing! program. Crowdfunding or crowdsouring is a relatively new way for businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals and nonprofits to raise capital without going to a bank or venture capitalists.

Tune in Sunday, Oct. 7th at 4 p.m. CDT to hear how Judy is using crowdfunding to expand the Shoplifting IS Stealing! program to reach more young people, help them make good choices and develop the confidence to withstand peer pressure.

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