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Beautiful Flooring Direct Offer Christmas Sheet Vinyl Discount

To celebrate the launch of their new range of sheet vinyl flooring you will be pleased to know that Beautiful Flooring Direct are offering customers a great pre-Christmas incentive for you to buy from their new range of sheet vinyl flooring, by offering you a 10% discount on selected sheet vinyls.

To get this recession breaking discount then all you need to do is order via their easy to use website and input the discount code “FESTIVEFLOORS” at the checkout. (Just note that this discount applies to specific sheet vinyls and carpets displayed on their website). Beautiful Flooring Direct now offers a wide range of sheet vinyl flooring including stone, wood and patterned vinyls.

You may think of vinyl as being a cheap and cheerful flooring that maybe okay for others, but is not right for what you need. Well if the last vinyl that you saw on a kitchen floor was the 1960’s linoleum from your Grandparents house, then it is time to take another look at it modern vinyl is now very much different from that of yesteryear.

Beautiful Flooring Direct – – think that vinyl is a truly versatile flooring for many reasons. Firstly, whilst it is not cheap, it is low cost, and it is also easy to fit it yourself and thus you can also save a substantial sum if you fit it yourself, certainly the same cannot be said of carpet. Also unlike carpet, a modern vinyl floor is highly stain resistant and red wine and gravy will prove no problem at all to remove from a sheet vinyl floor!

It is also ideal if you like the idea of a wood effect floor like click fit laminate flooring, but maybe you do not have either the budget, the time, the tools or the skills required to fit it? Well Beautiful Flooring Direct can supply sheet vinyl in around sixty four different wood effect finishes, ensuring that they have one to cater for just about any room that you might want to fit it to.

However, if wooden effect vinyl flooring is not what you are after and you are looking for something more appropriate for a bathroom as an example, then Beautiful Flooring Direct also offer nearly seventy five different forms of sheet vinyl that replicate the look of a tiled floor.

Beautiful Flooring Direct think sheet vinyl is an ideal choice instead of a tiled floor as it requires minimal installation and yet it has no grout to worry about, either when installing it, or with regards to long term maintenance. This makes it great for use in bathrooms, where it is has the added benefit that it is totally waterproof.

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