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The Richmond Corner Summerhouse Designed For The Small Garden

The Richmond Corner Summerhouse has been specially designed by Ace Sheds to meet that niche part of the market where a summerhouse will make a great addition to the garden but which struggles for the space in which to contain it. Ace Sheds are delighted with this design as it is produced at a very competitive price being the lowest priced of any of their summerhouses and is aimed at a market where the summerhouse may be the first summerhouse the young family has or can afford or where the older family has downsized to a small house and garden. The design may be aimed at a small garden but Ace Sheds have made sure that the design does not suffer in quality and the specification is excellent and one which will help extend the overall lifespan of the summerhouse. The Richmond Corner Summerhouse is an excellent place to start and comes in a range of sizes from 6 ft x 6 ft up to a maximum of 10 ft x 10 ft which gives a large surface area for a small summerhouse.

Ace Sheds have designed the building with space saving in mind and it is made so that it fits into the corner of the garden to take up the least space possible. Ideally the corner should be a right angle to take up the minimum space. The front of the building is then designed so that it has two side angled pieces with a front section which includes the door facing directly across the garden as at the base of an isosceles triangle with the corner sides as the other two sides. The two angled side pieces on the front have the main windows whilst the door is of a solid construction. The windows are of a very attractive Georgian design

Ace Sheds have designed the building with a basic multi-purpose usage as a possibility. The Richmond Corner summerhouse is also ideal for a storage area and can be used as a very attractive shed as it is secure and built with a great deal of space and being fitted into the corner of the garden it takes up little of the garden. The space is such that it can also be used as a workroom as well if you don’t have room for a Wooden Workshop. The likelihood is that it will be used partly as a summerhouse and with some of the garden tools stored as well. The roof is basically a flat roof design which means that whilst headroom is maintained the height of the roof will not interfere with the view if the neighbours by being too high. Ace Sheds have fully considered that the Richmond Corner Summerhouse will often be used in small estate gardens where the neighbours are close and views can easily be lost by obtrusive buildings. A final note on quality, Ace Sheds have taken account that the building is fitted into a
corner plot where getting to the sides may be difficult to regularly paint and have 100% treated all the timber with a pressure treatment Tanalith Extra E to protect it against all the typical wood problems which may at some future date be a problem to untreated wood.

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