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Many business experts agree that the retail business changes how the business world is perceived. In recent years, GIS mapping was embraced not only by big companies but retail business owners as well. Their understanding of geographic intelligence is used to further their business dealings and makes it possible for them to keep up with the growing demands of retail.

One of the tools that helps retail business owners to better run their business is through the use of an online mapping tool called uses modern geocoding services and mapping technology to allow the users to easily create maps from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data. From this, they can easily achieve the following:

– Improve planning, buying, and shipping
– Manage individual stores effectively
– Strategize business plans
– Profile the location

“A Totally Cool Tool” as a business intelligence tool is used by both big companies and retail businesses. With its exceptional features, data analysis can be done in half the time. Hence, it is considered by retail owners as tailored-fit to their needs. It is a rich platform where information from different sources is collated. Retail owners may use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to plot their data and paste it to for instant data visualization through mapping. The attractive maps that effectively tell stories are ready to present to clients and customers. It usually results to better insights for decision making.

Says Kim, a retail business expert from the beauty industry, “This is a TOTALLY COOL tool. Thank you for creating it.”

In its fourth year, continues to help many retail businesses in solving complex business problems. It provides effective solutions in terms of:

– Operations and Logistics
– Product Supply
– Distribution

Improved Sales Statistics

Retail business owners may gather different information and plot them to their spreadsheets. allows them to plot maps from different location sets. Data visualization from different data sets can be seen in an instant projecting a clear meaning of what the maps are really talking about. The Plus Features of makes data analysis even better. Users can have an awesome mapping experience as they take advantage of some of its features like:

– Customize Markers
– Custom Image Markers
– Show Location Labels
– Add Territory Layers
– Build Heat Maps
– Embed Maps
– Save Unlimited Maps
– Add Infinite Data Sets

Create retail business’ maps today and experience the fast solutions it provides.

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