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Ace Sheds Can Extend The Summerhouse Life By Many Years

Ace Sheds is pleased to be able to offer a roofing system for its complete range of buildings including summerhouses which is guaranteed to extend the roof life to 15 years as a minimum. Roof life has always been the major problem for wooden buildings as this has been a very vulnerable part of the structure if it is not looked after and re treated at regular times. The majority of roofs are made from a felt covering on a wooden base which is vulnerable to damage when installed in the wrong place Summerhouse roofs can be a little vulnerable to high winds and very bad weather and any felt roof must be kept in good order to give a good life cycle. Water ingress into the roofing area can completely destroy a roof and other parts of the building if not looked after.

Ace Sheds can now fit all their roof systems with Onduline Corrugated Sheets to upgrade the roofs of all buildings and these sheets are guaranteed for 15 years if fitted correctly. This is an insurance based backed water proofing guarantee. The Onduline sheet is a bituminous based sheet and Onduline is the leading supplier in the world of bitumous sheeting. This sheeting is supplied in 3 colours, which are red, green and black and the shape of the sheet is a rounded corrugation. It can be fitted onto any roof with a slope in excess of 5 degrees.

The roof of any Ace Sheds summerhouse can be fitted with Onduline corrugated bitumous sheeting by firstly putting on a tongued and grooved roof where the wood is 100 % pressure treated with chemical anti water preservative and with OSB for a building spray treated with chemical preservatives and then fitting the corrugated sheeting on the top of this. Ace Sheds note that the Onduline corrugated sheeting gives a good sound absorbsion and a high insulation to the roof. The colour is long lasting and does not deteriorate in a short time.

One of the biggest advantages of the Onduline corrugated sheeting is that when fitted properly, and Ace Sheds make a great effort to fit it properly, it is claimed to withstand winds up to 120 miles per hour. This means that even in hurricane strength winds the Onduline bitumous sheeting will save a roof from serious damage and keep the summerhouse in good order. The appearance of the roof with a corrugated sheet in position is something that concerns some customers, but the results of this corrugated finish is surprisingly good and fits in better than may at first appear likely.

The Onduline corrugated sheeting system is used worldwide on a massive range of buildings, in particular one of the major markets is agricultural buildings, it was is this worldwide acceptance of the system that attracted Ace Sheds to become interested in adapting the system to their range of summerhouses. This lightweight system of roof coverings has proved to be a major success, in particular where the roofs are prone to wind and in places where the corrugated roof appears is in keeping with other roofs in the area.

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