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Electrical Counter Promotes The Use Of Wooden Switches?

Electrical Counter supply electrical components of all sorts to the electrical trade but one of the latest innovations have a throwback to the old days. Electrical Counter is pleased to be able to promote the Hamilton range of wooden facia switches which have been designed to give a completely different aspect to the standard light switch. The light switch was for so many years a standard design built solely from the materials which would best protect the user from an accident with the electrical power source. As the switches became better insulated to protect the user there has been a change in the light switches and sockets industry as they have started to use materials which previously would have been taboo.

Electrical Counter has been particularly pleased with the Hamilton Woods Ovolo collection as this has added a new dimension to their supply range. These switches have face plates made of wood and these wooden switches are a very ornate range using woods such as mahogany, light, medium and dark oak in a range of different designs. The switches are inserted into the middle of the wooden face plate, which can be of a vast range of different designs. Strangely the wooden designs are excellent but the idea that so many different types of switches that can be inserted into the face plates make’s the range unique.

Electrical Counter note that Hamilton Litestat have introduced as a first type the old fashioned brass toggle switch. This switch just fits the ornateness of the antique wooden face plate and can be sourced as a single switch or a double or 4 gang switch. Hamilton’s Woods Ovolo collection of switches and sockets however goes farther in that it is possible to get the same wooden face plate with a white, red or black switch insert as well as a satin or bright chrome switch insert. It is this different range of switch inserts which give the switch its different appeal. This allows the end user or the interior designer to choose from a very large range of different faceplate shapes and materials and then balance these with a different type of switch insert to give a very different look to the overall design.

Hamilton almost offers too many different choices but it does give the end user a chance for something quite original to be fitted throughout the house. The type of woods that these are made from and the amount of work that is required in their production obviously make these switches more expensive than the standard switches but the complete originality of the design is worth the cost.

Electrical Counter note that they are promoting these switches at the moment and there is a 50% price cut being offered at the moment. It is worth examining the full range of the Wood Ovolo Collection and seeing just what can be achieved by a careful regard to the design characteristics of these switches. It is also noted that matching sockets can also be obtained to complete the full installation.

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