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No Splash Or Relax With A New Desk And Games Table

Splash and Relax are rarely caught out with their name but there will be very little time to splash or relax with the BCE Riley 6 ft pool, table tennis and desk all built in one package. Splash and Relax now supply a vast range of Games tables be they for multiple usage with a large number of games or a single usage like pool, snooker, table football or air hockey. Whatever the requirements Splash and Relax is likely to have the full answer in their superb portfolio. The Olympics gave the British sporting public quite a lift and there is a definite mood to keep that lift going over the next year. The problem with the UK is that the weather is not that great for sporting activity for much of the year as outside activity is limited to wet or snowy Saturdays and Sundays. To counteract this, the games tables can be excellent at resolving this problem.

Splash and Relax are pleased to promote the BCE Riley range of games tables, Riley’s for many years was the face of snooker and pool in the UK but faded as the sports lost a little of their lustre as professional sports. BCE games tables were a small trading company that also lost its way. By 2002 both companies had seen bad times but were bought or merged with RLE a company owned by Stuart Lacey and fortunes were reborn. By 2006 the business was booming supported by the efforts of Ronnie O Sullivan and Jimmy White and it has progressed from then until today.

One of the most interesting products that Splash and Relax supply is the BCE Riley 6 foot Pool / Table Tennis Table / Desk. This is provided in a modern shiny white finish and to the outside world serves as a desk in a modern office at home or in the dining room or play room. The unit has a flat 6 foot long by approximately 4 foot wide top which when packed away has a white top which can be used as a desk or as a dining table. The table, however, can then be converted by removing the top and a fine pool table is exposed, there are a full set of balls and cues and all accessories are available from Splash and Relax. Pool is an excellent game for all the family and whilst not the most energetic does provide a good deal of walking exercise on a bad day. Pool tables do need to be level and these BCE Riley Games Tables are fitted with adjusters on each table leg to enable the table to be levelled. Extra exercise and a more energetic sport can be played by fitting the table tennis top and net on top of the snooker table to convert the table ready for a good game of table tennis.

Splash and Relax – – are delighted with the BCE Riley 6 foot Pool / Table Tennis Table / Desk as it gives the user the opportunity to play active games on a table which can be returned to a useful household application when the games are finished.

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