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Electrical Counter Gets Their Sockets Down To Ground Level

Electrical Counter supply a great range of electrical sockets and switches and there is something for everyone. One of the major problems is to keep up to date with all the options so that the finished customer can have the best system for their personal application. The ranges of sockets have changed markedly over the years as the range has extended from the most practical socket to one, which is also the most decorative. One of the areas where the socket usage could often be used more effectively is the floor electrical socket as this socket can be placed far closer to the intended usage than any wall mounted socket.

Electrical Counter is pleased to promote the Hamilton Range of Sheer Floor Electrical Sockets, which comes in a full range of modern metallic finishes. The floor socket has been around for some time but the latest designs are certainly more effective and do look good. The socket is a typical electrical socket fitted into a metal face plate, which is screwed onto a socket box, which has been sunk into the floor. The socket will accept a typical 13 amp plug but when it is not in operation there is a hinged metal cover, which is spring mounted for automatic closure over the socket as soon as the plug is removed. The final socket with lid is then virtually in line with the floor with no noticeable protrusion. The Hamilton Range of Sheer Floor Electrical Sockets are very robust and will accept people walking on them but for obvious reasons the siting of these sockets is usually in an area where they are not in a typical walkway. The advantages of these sockets are many but the typical one is that they can be put in areas close to where they will be used, for example by a table lamp or near to a television station or a radio and I Pod docking station. These sockets will also be virtually unseen when out of operation, as they are not noticed in the floor but often stand out when wall mounted. Electrical Counter is delighted with the range of sockets as they are available as a single or double socket for 13 amp plugs and also they are available in single and double 2 amp sockets for a table lamp circuits and also as a single television aerial socket.

The Hamilton Range of Sheer Floor Electrical Sockets provides Electrical Counter with a range of sockets in 6 different finishes so that it gives the customer a number of design options. There are 3 brass finishes in antique, polished and satin as well as polished chrome, a satin nickel and a satin stainless steel finish. This provides an excellent choice for the customer and will enable them to find a good finish, which will fit in with the floor covering of the room concerned.

Electrical Counter is pleased to note that the price of the Hamilton Range of Sheer Floor Electrical Sockets has reduced significantly and the full range of sockets is available now at half the list price.

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