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An Ace Up The Sleeve With The Crawley Summerhouse?

The snow keeps coming with 40 cm’s in places and the countryside looking like a Christmas postcard, it’s been the coldest March for 50 years, the wettest winter forever. The roads are clogged, the price of fuel is enormous and there are floods and famine. However Spring has actually arrived and nature has a way of redressing the balance of things quite quickly when it changes its mind and the gardening season will soon be upon us and the work will be staring back at us. It is now time to be ready for the Spring and summer and a great Ace Sheds Summerhouse installed in the garden is a wonderful way to start the growing season. If an Ace Sheds summerhouse is ordered shortly it will be here for the late Spring and Summer and it must be likely that we get some good weather soon.

Ace Sheds is pleased to promote one of their most useful ranges of summerhouse in the Crawley Summerhouse. This summerhouse is one of their workhorse summerhouses, which is sold at an excellent price but really does fit the bill of good value for money whilst doing the job excellently and also looking good at the same time. The Crawley summerhouse has been designed with simplicity in mind. It has an oblong shape with sizes from 8 feet x 6 feet to 12 feet by 10 feet and has an apex roof with the apex at the centre of the longest side. The front has a single door in the middle of the front with matching single windows either side of the door. The door is half glass to match the windows and the glass is plain not Georgian so that it gives a good contemporary design with excellent unrestricted views from inside the summerhouse. There is a single window in the side of the Crawley summerhouse that matches the windows on the front.

Ace Sheds are pleased with this design, which is an excellent and a very practical design. It fits particularly well in the modern house and contemporary garden where the clean lines fit very well. It will fit many garden designs ranging from the country cottage style to the latest modern design. As with all Ace Sheds summerhouses alterations can be made and it is quite possible to put double doors into the front is so desired to allow a great view and also to allow the summerhouse to be opened to a good summer’s day or an extra window to let in more light. The roof overhangs the door by one foot, which keeps the entrance dry and can allow the door to be opened on a poor weather day.

Ace Sheds note that the Crawley summerhouse is excellent value for money being one of their cheaper models but one, which still retains the quality and style expected of an Ace Sheds Summerhouse. It is possible for this summerhouse to be erected very quickly by two competent people and ready for action in a very short time. Give Ace Sheds a call or look at the website and see just what is possible.

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