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QuatroSpa Garden Hot Tub From Splash & Relax

Splash and Relax, the purveyors of all things that revolve around water involved sports, relaxation, spa treatments and play equipment are well-known for the supply of swimming pools and hot tubs and a myriad of other equipment. The range of goods that they are able to supply grows ever larger and whilst some of the equipment is fairly inexpensive quality is never compromised. The range of goods runs from the small to the large and from the inexpensive to the very luxurious and expensive.

In the range of Hot Tubs this very much follows that pattern with the range going from the small portable outside hot tub to the luxurious swim and spa combined which will cost over £20,000 when fully fitted. The QuartoSpa Garden Hot Tub is an excellent compromise to this market place being a good outdoor hot tub which will satisfy all members of the family at a price that is reasonable. The price at a little over £3,000 buys a good quality circular hot tub which is covered by a good vertical slatted cedar wood effect surround. This pool will fit excellently onto any flat surface but it looks particularly good on a wood slatted deck and it will also benefit from having a raised wood decking with a good set of access steps that the Hot Tub fits into so that any participant has an easy entry or exit from the tub. This will mean that there is a semi-circular wooden decking fitted neatly around the tub, which will give an excellent appearance as well as a safe and easy entry point. Splash and Relax have supplied similar hot tubs for many years and are pleased to give advice on the hot tub and any of the ancillary equipment that is required.

Splash and Relax have stocked this pool as it provides access for 5 or 6 people at a time with seating and a full range of pressure jets and a special master chair set up for an individual massage system. This “hot seat” has 15 individual massage jets. These jets consist of at least 5 full power therapy jets and 6 eye directional jets. The jets within the hot tub can be arranged as requested and the set-up is such that all jets have a constant pressure and not that some more powerful than others dependent on where in the hot tub (or where in the supply pipework) they are.

Keeping the Hot Tub clean and properly treated is a recommendation that Splash and Relax are pleased to make as water safety is always of paramount importance to them. Chemical treatment kits are available and these work well but there are also other systems that are worth considering. The Ozone sanitizer system is strongly recommended as it greatly reduces the chemical levels that are required and sanitises the water quite naturally. The system works 24 hours a day and converts small quantities of oxygen into Ozone. Ozone kills bacteria quicker than Chlorine and Bromine but does it without the eye and nose irritation of the other chemical types. It also removes odours.

Splash and Relax recommend this as a great way to begin with a good quality Hot Tub that removes those aches and pains on a good day or a bad day.

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