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Harris Teeter announced Week 6 Winners of its Together in Education $100,000 Giveaway

Four Weeks, $40,000 in Prizes Remain

Alexandria, Va., 2014-3-11 — /EPR Retail News/ — Last Saturday, March 8, 2014, as part of Harris Teeter’s Together in Education (TIE) $100,000 Giveaway, Harris Teeter’s TIE Prize Patrol visited the homes of eight Very Important Customer (VIC) cardholders in Alexandria, Va. and gave away a total of $5,000 to the customers and another $5,000 to their TIE schools.

During the $100,000 Giveaway, Weekly Contestants (“Winners”) are randomly drawn and awarded up to $10,000, the total prize being determined by the number of Harris Teeter Brands founds in their homes.  The winner(s) automatically receives $500, to be split evenly with the TIE school to which their VIC card is linked.  Additionally, for each Harris Teeter Brand product found in a winner’s home, Harris Teeter gives away another $100, to be split with the same school. The TIE Prize Patrol continues visiting homes until the entire $10,000 is awarded for a particular week.

Harris Teeter also selects and advertises a Bonus Item each week.  The Bonus Item is worth a total of $500.  The Week 6 Bonus Item Harris Teeter Bottled Water, 24-pack not found in the winners’ homes; the Week 7 Bonus Item is HT Traders Chopped Salad.

Weekly Contestant TIE School HT Brands Total Prize
Week 6 Winners
Adele Siegmund St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School 30 $3,500
Jessica Hensley James K. Polk Elementary 15 $2,000
Farida Mansurova St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School
and Alexandria Country Day School
15 $2,000
Lisa Nichols Campbell Elementary School NA $500
Allison Hyra Annandale UMC Child Dev’t Center NA $500
Mary Stewart St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School NA $500
Stephen Kravitsky James K. Polk Elementary NA $500
John Hanley St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School NA $500
Week 5 Winners
Mary Ann Hoffman Canterbury School 27 $3,200
Sara Strandberg Southeast Guilford High School 19 $2,400
Lydia Bolmer Erwin Montessori Elementary 9 $1,400
Mary Michaux High Point Friends School, Inc. NA $500
Nina Harmon Claxton Elementary School NA $500
Janice Roback Page High School NA $500
David Forster Early College at Guilford Robotics Club NA $500
Amy Ferguson Our Lady of Grace NA $500
Mary Wall Western Guilford High Soccer Program NA $500
Week 4 Winners
Shannon Reed Paisley Magnet School 50* $5,900
Jeffery England Morgan Elementary School 22* $3,100
Bonnie Smith North Hills Elementary NA $500
Sandra LaHaie Hanes Middle School NA $500
Week 3 Winners
Kelly Turner Covenant Day School 39 $4,40
Andrew Cudahy Butler High School 51 $5,600
Week 2 Winners
The Parada Family South Mecklenburg High School Lacrosse 95 $10,000
Week 1 Winners
David Brown Carrboro High School PTSA 91* $10,000

*Including Bonus Item
Four weeks remain in the contest; be sure your VIC card is linked to a TIE school for a chance to participate in the $100,000 Giveaway.

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