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Tesco Group CEO Philip Clarke presented at The Guardian Changing Media Summit 2014



Cheshunt, England, 2014-3-18 — /EPR Retail News/ — Our Group CEO has delivered a keynote presentation at The Guardian Changing Media Summit 2014.

Thank you for inviting me here today.

You might think this is an unusual platform for the CEO of a supermarket chain. After all, we’re retailers, not a media company. In fact Tesco is the largest retailer in the UK and the second largest in the world.

But I’m going to use the next 20 minutes or so to tell you why our industries are facing pretty similar challenges, and why digital media is absolutely at the heart of my strategy to create the leading multichannel retailer for the future.

I’ve spent my 40 year career in retailing, but even to someone from outside the media, it’s clear how profoundly your industry is changing.

Retailing is changing too. Retailers are having to shape our businesses to lead in the digital age.

The word multichannel and other terms like omnichannel are bandied around a lot in retail, but my definition of it is simple.

It’s about putting the customer in control, and enabling him or her to engage and transact with Tesco in whatever way best suits them – physically or digitally, transactionally or non-transactionally.

This change is being driven by the consumer – the demanding connected, discerning 21stcentury consumer.

The changing way in which people are shopping is presenting some well-documented challenges for businesses like Tesco.

Not everyone wants to shop in big stores anymore. Convenience stores are the growth format. And people are increasingly choosing to shop online, especially for non-food products like televisions or entertainment. They are no longer going to big stores for them.

But while these changes bring short term challenges, we at Tesco are not trying to resist them. We are embracing the change.

And that’s because the digital revolution brings opportunities too. Opportunities to offer our customers products and services they’d never before have expected from Tesco. Opportunities to surprise and delight them, to strengthen our relationship with them and their families, making everyday life that little bit more fun.

Today I’m going to talk about some of the ways we’re doing this, but first, I want to explain why it’s so important for us to engage with customers in different ways.

For any consumer facing business, the most precious commodity is loyalty. But in an age where customers have more choice than ever in how to shop and who to shop with, loyalty is harder to come by, and easier to lose, than it ever has been.

In the past, being big and ubiquitous was a strength for a business like ours. Today, bigger does not automatically mean better.

But what we can do is demonstrate how we can use our scale to do more for our customers, and to deliver a genuinely tailored offer for all our shoppers – a personalised Tesco serving every customer in whatever way suits them best.

You can’t do this if you don’t know who your customers are, but we have a unique advantage in this regard, which is Clubcard.

43 million people around the world hold a Tesco Clubcard, and through the insight it gives us it means we can tailor our offer to best suit their individual needs.

It enables us to send our customers tailored offers which are relevant to their weekly shop.

And we are fortunate that we own Dunnhumby, world leaders in the analysis of customer data. The insight they provide helps us understand our customers’ lifestyles, their needs and wants in a way few other retailers can.

We have this unique relationship with customers. But why does it need to be restricted to their weekly grocery shop?

While the food people eat matters – and clearly we share our customers’ passion for food – it’s clearly not all that matters.

Entertainment is one of the things which binds us together as families.

And it’s a sector which is being transformed, transformed by an internet driven revolution in home entertainment.

One thing which unites both media and retail is the importance of content. Looking at the programme for this conference it is clear to see that compelling content is what drives success in the media.

Your content is different to that which we retailers have traditionally provided. You provide words and images.  For us, it’s about the content we offer our customers in our stores, on our website. Innovating for the customer, and investing in our offer.

We have spent tens of millions of pounds in the last year alone on product development, creating new products which reflect the changing ways customers live their lives.

As one example, we’ve seen a big shift towards customers wanting to live healthier lives, and interested in products related to their wellbeing, and we’ve shifted the uses of space in our stores to reflect that.

And it’s this longstanding focus which means we are well-placed to provide a content-based offer in other areas not related to the traditional weekly shop.

Let me explain in a bit more detail why we have invested in digital entertainment. There are three main reasons why it sits very naturally with our core business:

Firstly, it is a powerful way of engaging with customers. People have a high emotional connection with books, music and films, and they are consumed frequently. They’re passions, and vital parts of how we live and enjoy life today. And so they work powerfully to strengthen our relationship with our customers.

Secondly digital entertainment helps us build a connection with customers through the devices on which they are increasingly living their lives and which are driving ecommerce growth.

The mobile phone is the ideal device through which to listen to music – a tablet is perfect for reading a book. And these are the growth devices for ecommerce more broadly as customers migrate from stores to online. So there is a clear synergy here with how our core business is evolving.

And thirdly, it helps with brand perception. We are moving from being a traditional bricks and mortar business to one which offers a much broader range of services and products, reflecting the way customers are living their lives today.

We are not the first company to recognise the strategic value of entertainment – iTunes drove Apple’s growth, while subsequently all the mobile phone operators have bundled entertainment to drive growth. In the USA, Samsung has introduced Milk Music, a free music streaming service with a library of 13 million tracks available for free on Galaxy devices.

The new digital entertainment services we are offering bring to life our commitment to serve our customers in different and exciting ways.

We have seen a fundamental shift in how people consume media.

As in retail, consumers are more demanding – they want to be in charge, and consume the product how, where and when suits them.

And they expect the experience and service to be faultless – good enough is no longer good enough.

Physical is replacing digital, schedules are a thing of the past – today is about on-demand, at a time of the customer’s choosing

It’s no longer about products and ownership, it’s about services and access.

And the TV is just one of a variety of screens through which people consume media today, alongside their phones and their tablets.

The services we have developed have sought to reflect and meet these changing consumer demands.

When we invested in Blinkbox it was already the UK’s leading movie streaming business. Today we have grown the business into music and soon into books.

Blinkbox movies now offers 20,000 of the world’s best movies and TV shows to buy or rent, without subscription.

Blinkbox music has 12 million songs, free of charge, on PC, tablet and mobile

While Blinkbox books will offer all the bestsellers on PC and the most popular tablets and mobiles.

These are all great services meeting clear customer demands in today’s digital, connected world.

But there is a much broader benefit to Tesco.

All the evidence we have tells us that customers who shop across channels with Tesco spend more – interestingly both online and their core spend with Tesco in the shop, because it builds their emotional connection with the brand.

This loyalty is reinforced when we offer them additional products and services they wouldn’t have expected from Tesco.

These are services our customers and their families love. What they love is that we’re surprising them, by offering them a little thank you, from us to them, in their own homes.

And this is why – and our research backs up – that the more services a customer uses, the more likely they are to stay loyal customers to Tesco.

We aren’t just giving consumers access to content though. We see part of our role as being to democratise technology.

After all, I see one of the greatest achievements of supermarkets over many decades as having been to make products accessible which had previously been unattainable to the many.

In the past it might have been the avocado. Today’s avocado is the tablet computer.

I’m guessing in an urbane audience like this many people take tablet technology for granted. But let me tell you, outside the metropolitan bubble, it has remained inaccessible to many. Last summer we commissioned research which found that 70pc of families didn’t have access to tablet technology.

That was what prompted us to develop the Hudl.

It is our attempt to make tablet ownership accessible to all, creating a product comparable with the best in the market but at an affordable price.

We spent two years working on it and the reviews – and the sales – suggest that we were right to.

It sold out at Christmas and we are selling them as quickly as we can get them in stock – we’ve sold over 500,000 already.

But this is more than just a new product in the best traditions of Tesco. It’s also a driver of loyalty, a strengthener of the bond with our customers. The T button on the Hudl seamlessly connects the customer to the world of Tesco on their tablet, opening up a world of movies and music via Blinkbox, as well as our home shopping apps for groceries, clothing and even TVs.

It has served as a catapult for our online businesses, driving significant increases in traffic to Blinkbox movies and Blinkbox music. It has driven a ninefold increase in Blinkbox movies and a 5 times increase in Blinkbox music. And it will be an ideal device for consumers to read books from Blinkbox when that product launches shortly.

Our digital media businesses have had an energising effect on Tesco as a whole.

We have an app development centre in London’s Clerkenwell, with 40 dedicated colleagues working on maximising the benefit of the latest technologies for our customers.

They sit alongside the 800-strong team which runs Blinkbox and is continuing to develop the Blinkbox offer.

But these parts of the business are not kept at arms-length. Quite the opposite. We have brought digital skills into the heart of the business, and they are proving invaluable in helping us ensure Tesco is the leader in the multichannel era of retailing.

So for instance, Michael Comish, co-founder of Blinkbox, is now our Group Digital Officer, and playing a key role in our evolution as a business. Robin Terrell, one of Amazon’s first employees in the UK and the man who drove multichannel at John Lewis, is now our Group Multichannel Director.

To conclude, let me summarise how our digital entertainment businesses fit into the broader Tesco picture.

Our over-riding goal at Tesco is to become the leader in the multichannel era, serving the customer in whatever way suits them best.

Digital entertainment is one part of that. There are many other ways in which our team is working to deliver a seamless multichannel experience for our customers across all aspect of the business.

But it demonstrates how technology is now at the heart of what we do. It enables us to delight our customers, and differentiate ourselves from being seen as purely a traditional supermarket like some of our peers.

I have said before that those retail businesses which fail to evolve and differentiate themselves will not succeed in the second curve retail world.

We at Tesco are determined not to fall into that category – that’s why we are changing the way we work and focusing on innovations that will help us win in this new world.

I said at the start that in today’s consumer environment, bigger is not necessarily better.

And that’s true. But by building new products and services which can strengthen Tesco’s relationship with its customers, which surprise them and delight them, we can create a business which is greater than the sum of its parts.

Digital entertainment is at the heart of our drive to achieve that.

Thank you for listening.

For more information please contact the Tesco Press Office on
01992 644645

We are a team of over 530,000 people in 12 markets dedicated to bringing the best value, choice and service to our millions of customers each week. Our core purpose is ‘we make what matters better, together’.

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Isee Hair – One Stop Human Hair Wigs Store



SHANGHAI, 2022-Oct-10 — /EPR Network/ — Isee Hair is a professional one stop human hair wigs store. Isee provide high quality human hair wigs at affordable price. All Isee hair products are made in China. They have a professional team to provide you the best service. Isee hair believe that their products and services will make you satisfy.

Large Selection Of Human Hair Wigs For Women

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Afterpay Wig Service

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Free Shipping Service

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About Isee Hair

Isee hair have been in hair business for over 20 years, developed from a small local textile processing factory and gradually entered into a famous global human hair wigs supplier. Located in China, but we ship worldwide, specialize in wig design, production, sales, and service all over the world.

All Isee hair products are high quality and comfortable to wear. We offer a wide selection of curly and straight human hair wigs with multiple hair colors to choose from at the best price, hair length range from 8 inch to 40 inches, and so much more, you can find all your need of human hair wigs here!

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FlowerAura Started Raksha Bandhan Prep Early, Says “Wants To Go Beyond Expectations”



Gururgram, Haryana, India, 2022-Jul-01 — /EPR Network/ — Even though the occasion of Raksha Bandhan is more than three months away, the Indian gifting giant, FlowerAura, has started its preparations with an official announcement right away.

The gifting brand makes Raksha Bandhan shopping easy for the customers as it serves gifts, return gifts, different types of rakhis, sweets, designer rakhi thalis, and combos through its online portal. There are brothers and sisters who don’t get to meet each other in person on the special festive occasion, and that’s when FlowerAura makes things easy for them. Not just one can buy Floweraura rakhi but can also choose from the plethora of rakhi varieties which are hard to find in the market elsewhere. From exploring rakhis and gifts to sending them to the preferred address, everything is taken care of by FlowerAura’s team.

Early preparations are a part of the business strategy that aims to go beyond the expectations of the customers. All the Raksha Bandhan products get delivered through prompt delivery services. “The team is getting connected with local artisans around the nation to get the new and unique rakhi designs and, in return, to help local artisans grow. A lot of focus from the early preparations is laid upon the deliveries and to expand the limit of delivery as many orders around the occasion.”, as per the official announcement.

FlowerAura is also adding more foreign countries where the deliveries can be made of Raksha Bandhan. Ordering rakhi gifts for brother gets easier being miles apart through online gifting options.

In a media conversation, Mr Himanshu Chawal, CEO of FA Gifts Pvt Ltd, said, “We are getting ready early this year as we want to go beyond expectations and want to go above the business numbers of all the previous years. Keeping customer satisfaction on top and making it possible to express emotions perfectly are the key-driven elements.”


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Megalith’s signature 8212 Quartz Men’s Watch oozes with elegance and functionality



NEW YORK, 2022-Mar-17 — /EPR RETAIL NEWS/ — Among all of our carefully curated selection of timepieces we proudly showcase to offer you the cream of the crop among masculine, stylish watches, one definitively stands out.

Our signature 8212 quartz men watch with stainless steel band is one step ahead in both elegance and functionality from your average watch.

Aside from having its internal composition made with top-of-the-line modern watchmaking craftsmanship and featuring a quartz crystal-powered design, it packs an extra layer of masculinity in it.

Its design’s a tribute to the watches worn by fighter aces and commanders of the sky. Men of unparalleled skill for which precision was everything and the tools they needed at their disposal could not be anything but.

As such, the 8212 quartz men watch with stainless steel band offers one of the most precise, if not the most precise, time-telling display on his face. To not even begin to mention its confident, elegant design, which combines both the timeless elegance of analog timepieces of yore. On top of that, it also, of course, has all the features a jet pilot needs for and visually showcases all the imposing aesthetics those features imply.

All in all, every aforementioned feature makes up for an iconic design exuberating both style and confidence. Not for nothing, it has become a flagship, and iconic piece Megalith Watches proudly offers to our distinguished clientele.

The 8212 Quartz Men Watch with Stainless Steel Band Features
Precision is the name of the game with the 8212 models. Since its imposing design does include extra features a jet pilot is thankful for, nubile watch aficionados might be intimidated by it. Thus, in order for you to take full advantage of the possibilities this particular design affords you, let’s break down such features.

The 8212 Quartz Men Watch with Stainless Steel Band Features a Chronograph
Do not let yourself get intimidated by the name chronograph, more colloquially known as ‘stopwatch.’ It’s simply one very intuitive feature of watches that, although making it look more complex, makes its use surprisingly easier.

In simple terms, a chronograph is a type of watch with additional dials on its face used to more precisely keep track of elapsed time. It typically has two or three separate dials, one of which tracks minutes, another which tracks hour, and a third which may track seconds either continuously or in intervals.

You do this by using the chronograph’s stopwatch function, which allows the user to time intervals or measure elapsed time.

To use a chronograph, start by pressing a button to activate the timer. Then begin timing whatever it is you are trying to measure. When finished, press the button again to stop the timer. The time elapsed remains displayed on the dials.

Chronographs often see use by athletes, surgeons, and, of course, pilots and other professionals who need to keep track of time intervals. They are also a feature of scientific experiments wherein measuring time is crucial. In short, the chronograph makes for a more precise measurement of time for professionals and, thus, surely will help you to keep track of it as well.

A Dash of a Fighter Jet Dashboard in Its Design
Reminiscent of a jet dashboard, the 8212 quartz men watch with stainless steel band features a chronograph on its clockface. More commonly referred to as ‘those other three little clocks within the clock,’ a chronograph is another practical and visually appealing feature of watches with more functionalities.

Each of the extra faces is there to display a different measure of chronological timekeeping for extra precision. You will almost always find one tiny clock face to display the sixty minutes that make up an hour. They are often displayed in a wheel showing the numbers ’60’, ’20’, and ’40’ clockwise from the top in that order. In order to differentiate it from the other faces of similar size, the minutes’ clockface has concentric ripple-like circles within it.

Another one of its faces is, of course, all about charting the sixty seconds that make up a minute in order to track them. The clock face showcases the numbers ’60’, ’15’, ’30’, and ’45’ spread out clockwise from the top.

Lastly, the other face of the trio that makes up the chronograph showcases the twenty-four hours of the day. Showcasing the numbers’ 24′, ‘6’, ’12’, and ’18’ clockwise when looked from the top, the wheel instantly tells what hour of the day currently is. The design of the circle itself is rather bare, not even featuring a frame. Instead, it had one clock hand that stands out very well from the rest of the design for easy tracking.

As a stylish little nod to the aforementioned jet dashboard design theme, in the hour displaying chronograph, there’s a jetliner. The jetliner’s nose, highlighted in red, acts as the arrow pointing to what hour of the day it is.

8212 Quartz Men Watch with Stainless Steel Band Features a Tachymeter
A tachymeter is a tool used to measure the speed of an object, and it does this by measuring the time it took for said object to travel a certain distance. Said time measure can then go into use for calculating the speed of the object measured.

Tachymeters are a fairly common feature of watches; they are popular with race drives and also pilots, who use them to measure ground speeds during takeoff and landing.

The 8212 Quartz Men Watch with Stainless Steel Band’s Tachymeter
As is the case with most wristwatches featuring a tachymeter, the 8212 quartz men watch with stainless steel band’s one lays on its rim. Etched on the ‘rim’ of the lock, the circular frame in which the clock sits inside of the tachymeter is the numbers written on it. Said numbers run counter clock-wisely from 60 up to 700 with differently spaced intervals between them.

The tachymeter is just an extra scale that can help you measure both time and speed. To use it, just start the chronograph to measure the object or event you seek to measure and stop once done. The clock’s second hand will point out to both the seconds marked inside the clock and to the distance marked on the tachymeter, usually represented in miles.

Besides the obvious advantage the tachymeter affords for time measuring, it also has aesthetic value. The numbers etched around the rim of the 8212 quartz men watch with stainless steel band give it an air of complexity hard to replicate for more plain watches.

The 8212s Quartz Men Watch with Stainless Steel Band A Megalith Staple
As mentioned before, the 8212 quartz men watch with stainless steel band is one of our signature timepieces at Megalith. And just like the rest of our timepieces, we are proud of being able to offer them to the mature, up and coming man of today at an affordable price.

Regardless of the fact that our watches both look and function just like pricey high-end brands, we are able to offer them at a considerably lower rate. Our access to the most skillful watchmaker in Guangdong, the watchmaking capital of the world, makes this possible.

Through our sourcing of the very same parts high-end brands use for their timepieces at a lower cost, we can make sure you can get a watch of the same quality with less stress in your bank account.

Regardless of how much of an up and comer you are as a mature me of today, we can surely offer you a stylish timepiece at an affordable rate. Not for nothing, we like to call our timepieces ‘the mature men’s first watch.’ Feel free to shop around to find yours as well.

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