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Inter IKEA Group names Mathias Kamprad Chairman of the Board

Luxembourg, 2014-5-9 — /EPR Retail News/ — Mathias Kamprad has been appointed Chairman of the Board of Inter IKEA Holding SA, the holding company of Inter IKEA Group.

Mathias replaces Per Ludvigsson who for some years has been planning to retire as Chairman of Inter IKEA Holding at the age of 70.

Prior to Mathias appointment as Chairman he served as Director of the Board.

“I feel honoured and excited about my new assignment as Chairman of the Board of Inter IKEA Group. I am very much looking forward to working closer with Sören and his team.

It is business as usual with the aim to become a bit better every day. Our main task will always be to ensure a long life for the IKEA Concept by keeping the needs of the many people in mind. As this will require investments in both good and bad times, the group strives to be financially independent.

We have an experienced board team that together covers the needs of all divisions, and for me it is a privilege to be part of that team.

Inter IKEA Group has a good organisation with many really great people, in the divisions as well as on group level. Maintaining a strong culture will continue to be the basis for our journey” says Mathias Kamprad in a comment.

Hans Gydell has been appointed Vice Chairman of the board.

Ingvar Kamprad has found this to be a suitable time for him to leave the board.

“I am happy and proud that Mathias has accepted to become Chairman of the board of Inter IKEA Group after that Per Ludvigsson had decided to retire. Mathias is well prepared for his new assignment. I am also happy that Hans Gydell has accepted to become vice chairman of the board.

I see this as a good time for me to leave the board of Inter IKEA Group. By that we are also taking another step in the generation shift that has been ongoing for some years.

This does however not mean that I will stop working. My passion and engagement for the many people, the IKEA concept, simplicity and cost consciousness is as strong as ever. I will continue share ideas and views. And I will continue to spend time in the stores and in the factories to work with people and help achieve constant improvement. Our journey has just started” says Ingvar Kamprad in a comment.

The changes in the board are part of the generational shift that has been prepared for and ongoing for some years.

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