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Wincor Nixdorf’s new standard ATM software ProFlex4 enables banks to introduce new functions at ATMs and other self-service systems

ProFlex4: Add innovative service offers and user interfaces quickly, easily and cost-effectively

Paderborn, Germany, 2014-12-2 — /EPR Retail News/ — ProFlex4, Wincor Nixdorf’s new standard ATM software, enables banks to introduce a host of new functions at ATMs and other self-service systems. True to its motto ‘omni. easy. open.’ the omnichannel solution can be deployed easily and cost-effectively and is open to multivendor operation. Banks can use it to add up-to-date new offers to their ATMs themselves and design individual user interfaces. They can also turn to Wincor Nixdorf’s Software and Professional Services for development and integration. Either way, ProFlex4 opens up a new world of possibilities for banks to reach customers across all touch-points – swiftly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Whether they use Smartphones, tablet computers or automated teller machines (ATMs), consumers expect up-to-date and consistent user interfaces. Swiping or drag and drop have become intuitive standards across various devices – with the exception of ATMs. For financial institutions, this is an opportunity to differentiate themselves through innovative user interfaces and unique branding. With ProFlex4, banks can offer their customers a positive omnichannel experience and also to map a variety of offers on their ATMs and self-service terminals. The new software enables the production of innovative, individual user interfaces for ATMs, cash recycling systems, intelligent deposit systems and kiosk terminals from different manufacturers on the basis of the latest browser technologies.

New service concepts – such as cash withdrawals using a smart phone instead of a bank card, or personalized user interfaces – are easy to implement with ProFlex4. Some banks have already installed innovative service concepts that allow Smartphones to communicate with ATMs using an app, with authorization via NFC or a barcode. This new user concept enables banks to position themselves as modern financial service providers and allows consumers to make withdrawals much faster.

A further benefit of ProFlex4 is the opportunity for customers to customize their own ATM user interfaces according to their personal preferences: the touch display of the ATM will allow the user to change the size, color and layout of the functional elements on the screen. Customers who often deposit checks, for instance, can use touch and swipe to set up the menu for this function on their personal start screens, allowing them to move directly to this preferred transaction.

The basis for the coexistence of traditional functions and switch-independent business services is the open, Web-based software architecture of ProFlex4. It enables both independence from screen or download limitations and the use of additional services and functions, while also reducing the bank’s network costs.

ProFlex4 tooling allows fast and easy introduction of new services and functions, such as bill-paying or check deposit. As these tools ensure the integrity of individual changes, less software testing is needed. Standard transactions like cash withdrawals can be handled as in the past using the familiar NDC or DDC host protocols while new functions are processed via Web services, for example with Wincor Nixdorf’s ProClassic/Enterprise server. “ProFlex4 makes banks more independent of IT infrastructures and allows them to introduce innovative services more quickly to ensure a seamless omnichannel customer experience. That’s what we mean by: omni. easy. open.” says Stefan Wahle, Vice President, Software Solutions at Wincor Nixdorf.

Wincor Nixdorf offers in-depth information on ProFlex4 in a White Paper, available here:

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