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Lowes Foods strengthens partnership with Unata; expands innovative eCommerce experience across all 60 Lowes Foods-To-Go store locations

WINSTON-SALEM, NC, 2015-8-21— /EPR Retail News/ — Lowes Foods, a Carolinas-based grocer with locations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, and Unata, the award-winning leader in 1-to-1 Omni-commerce solutions, are jointly announcing the expansion of a new and innovative eCommerce experience across all 60 Lowes Foods-To-Go store locations. This expansion is a phased rollout across markets, and is the result of a successful pilot.

The pilot provided key insights into how the Lowes Foods guest uses the new platform, and how that platform interacts with shop fulfillment, pickup at the store and home delivery. These insights have informed valuable product updates for the full rollout and have confirmed the planned innovation stream beyond the rollout.

The Lowes Foods and Unata partnership began with a joint ambition to create a unique and engaging personalized omni-channel experience, coupled with the comprehensive rebranding effort underway across Lowes Foods brick-and-mortar store base. Unata’s proprietary recommendation technology will enable digital engagement that is uniquely relevant to the guest.

Specific examples of the technology included within the rollout:

●      Ways to Shop: This feature allows the Lowes Foods guest to view the entire product catalogue by any combination of filters, including previously purchased, on sale, organic, gluten free, local and more. Guests can also sort through products based on popularity, personal relevance, date of last purchase, pricing and more.

●      Complex Offers: This is an industry-leading feature that reflects all in-store offers, including complex offers. Complex offers are often not available online, and usually involve multiple products and SKU’sredeemed after meeting set criteria. An example is “spend more than $25 and get $5 off.”  The guest is able to view their progress towards redeeming an offer as they add more items to their shopping cart and their estimated total accurately adjusts along the way.

“We have been incredibly pleased by the success of our pilot and the strength of our partnership with Unata,” said Michael Moore, Chief Marketing Officer at Lowes Foods. “Our collaboration has allowed us to improve upon the experience in real-time before moving ahead with full roll out. We have ambitious plans for providing a personalized experience for every Lowes Foods guest no matter if they engage with us digitally or within one of our stores. We are confident that the continuous improvement within our digital shopping experience will result in even stronger guest satisfaction, deeper loyalty and larger baskets.”

“We’ve had an amazing experience working with Lowes Foods through their pilot phase and are thrilled to roll out our platform across all stores,” said Diego Maniloff, Unata Vice President of Engineering & Data Science. “We know this experience so far has only made our product better for the customer and we’ve been able to do that with Lowes Foods based on a collaborative, trusting relationship that is entirely focused on what’s best for their guest.”

To view Lowes Foods current pilot implementation, simply head to


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