Raley’s Family of Fine Stores partners with Unata to launch an improved web and mobile eCommerce platform, E-Cart

Fair Oaks, CA, 2016-May-04 — /EPR Retail News/ — Raley’s Family of Fine Stores has partnered with Unata, the award-winning leader in 1-to-1 Omni-Commerce solutions, to launch an improved web and mobile eCommerce platform, E-Cart. The new system will replace Raley’s current online order and curbside pickup solutions across all existing eCommerce-enabled locations.

The new eCommerce platform is part of Raley’s commitment to making customers’ lives easier by delivering a personalized shopping experience. Raley’s E-Cart allows shoppers, in select locations, to order groceries online and pick up at a local Raley’s, Bel Air Market or Nob Hill Foods. With the partnership, Raley’s is launching both a new eCommerce website and an improved mobile application. The launch features an enhanced user interface that allows customers to move seamlessly between a mobile device and a desktop computer.

“The way Raley’s delivers groceries is evolving. Our new revamp of E-Cart will better serve our customers by providing a personalized online shopping experience,” said Kevin Curry, Senior Vice President Sales & Merchandising at Raley’s. “Unata has been invaluable in helping Raley’s build this brand new online experience that will elevate our customer service.”

“Through a solid partnership and collaboration with the Raley’s team, we have been able to build a state-of-the-art eCommerce mobile application that delivers a 1-to-1 personalized experience for both Raley’s and their customers–the first of its kind for Unata.” said Brandon Carlos, Senior Director of Client Services. “We’re excited to be going to market in partnership with Raley’s as they have a history of leading the charge in the eCommerce space. With Unata’s personalization engine at the core of this product, I believe we’re introducing something that Raley’s customers are really going to enjoy.”

Chelsea Minor
Director of PR and Public Affairs

Source: Raley’s

Unata announced unprecedented 800% YOY growth based on new customer relationships

TORONTO,  2015-9-2 — /EPR Retail News/ — Unata, the leading provider of 1-to-1 Omni-commerce solutions, today announced their unprecedented 800% YOY growth based on new customer relationships. Over the past months, Unata has announced implementations with grocers Lunds & Bylerly’s, Raley’s, Haggen and Lowes Foods, to name a few. More customer announcements will be made in Q4 and the forthcoming year.

Due to customer success, Unata has seen a growth of over 100% of its internal team during 2015, and will be investing even further as they plan to hire 15 additional employees for 15 new positions they hope to fill before the end of the year. To accommodate this expansion, Unata opens their doors today to a new, larger office space that has been custom designed to nurture collaboration and innovation — two of the company’s core values.

Unata has had three major technology releases this year that have made a dramatic impact to their platform, bringing strategic innovation to its core technology stack. The company will implement at least two further releases this year, and continue to execute on its aggressive technology roadmap, which is in part shaped by its retail partners.

This fall Unata will be attending TechFest Toronto, Pycon Canada and be one of the key sponsors supporting Progressive Grocer’s Top Women in Grocery Awards. Unata will also be hosting its own Client and Partner Summit on October 15 & 16, an event focused on the digital technology that impacts the future of the customer experience within Grocery. This conference will include full collaboration by retail partners on Unata’s platform Roadmap plan for 2016.

“We announced 500% YOY growth in May and since then our results have expanded. Our move to a newly designed office in Toronto is in celebration of and necessity to our 800% YOY growth and 100% internal employee growth year to date,” said Marc Faucher, Unata COO and CFO. “We are excited to be growing as rapidly as we are and are looking to continue this growth and success into Q4 and 2016 with our new customers and through a focus on innovation and design.”


Unata: Why grocery retailer is ready for omni-channel

WINSTON-SALEM, NC, 2015-8-25— /EPR Retail News/ — The modern shopper expects to be able to shop at any time, from anywhere on any device, and have the experience be seamless.

According to Forrester, 60% of shoppers interact with brands they like across multiple channels. However, Zendesk reports that 87% of shoppers think brands need to put more effort into providing a seamless experience.

This seamless channel to channel experience is called omni-channel, and is a concept that we, at Unata, believe is 100% necessary to thrive as a retailer today.

Although implementing an omni-channel experience might feel daunting for many retailers, we believe it can be simply achieved by:

  1. Unified Customer View: Having access to both historical and real-time shopper data, i.e. what they have browsed, added to their list, purchased in-store, purchase online, reviewed, on what channels, at what time.
  2. Unified Customer Login: Aggregating and connecting siloed customer experiences — i.e. eCommerce, loyalty program, eCircular — in order to create a unified login and enable the unified view of each individual customer.
  3. Digital Experience with Support for 1-to-1: Enabling a digital experience that can deliver an “individual conversation” – content delivered at user/account level so that it can be consistent across devices.

Looking at the three simple steps above, we believe that grocery retailers are in a particularly advantageous position to be able to deliver on this today. Here are 3 reasons why:


  • Your customers shop with you on a weekly basis, buying dozens of items at each shop
  • Due to the frequency and scale of their shops with you, they are much more likely to use your loyalty program in order to redeem rewards and save
  • They are also much more likely to use your app (if you have one) to browse, explore offers and create lists


  • Chances are, you have some form of customer identification program (i.e. loyalty program) or the technology and POS systems to support one
  • These programs provide you with a unique ID for each shopper, allowing you to build a unified view for each shopper. If you don’t yet have one, setting one up can be easily done via a mobile experience, and grocery customers love loyalty programs (see reason #3)
  • You can build your digital experience whereby your shoppers log in with the same shopper ID #. Then, you can connect all shopper activity (online and offline) back to that ID, creating that rich user profile for each shopper
  • You can leverage that profile of each customer to engage 1-on-1 with them whenever and wherever they shop with you, providing that seamless experience they expect

Whether using your website, app, e-loyalty program or e-circulars, your shoppers are happy to identify themselves doing so.

This is because:

  1. A big % of your shoppers’ spend is on grocery. They want a way to save money and will happily identify themselves in order to redeem personalized offers and specials, collect rewards, and more.
  2. You can make one of their weekly activities more convenient: Your shoppers want ways to make the process faster and more convenient, and will sign into your website or app to do things like make lists more quickly based on past purchases, order for pick-up, order for delivery, and more.

In general, implementing a 1-to-1 omni-channel experience that meets the needs of the modern shopper can feel challenging and big.

However, as a grocery retailer, you are in a far better position than other retailers to be start the transition and be successful. So put away those mental roadblocks and get started today!

To learn more about how to create an omni-channel experience for your customers, call us at 437-836-3082.


Source: Unata

Author: Alexis Clarfield-Henry

Lowes Foods strengthens partnership with Unata; expands innovative eCommerce experience across all 60 Lowes Foods-To-Go store locations

WINSTON-SALEM, NC, 2015-8-21— /EPR Retail News/ — Lowes Foods, a Carolinas-based grocer with locations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, and Unata, the award-winning leader in 1-to-1 Omni-commerce solutions, are jointly announcing the expansion of a new and innovative eCommerce experience across all 60 Lowes Foods-To-Go store locations. This expansion is a phased rollout across markets, and is the result of a successful pilot.

The pilot provided key insights into how the Lowes Foods guest uses the new platform, and how that platform interacts with shop fulfillment, pickup at the store and home delivery. These insights have informed valuable product updates for the full rollout and have confirmed the planned innovation stream beyond the rollout.

The Lowes Foods and Unata partnership began with a joint ambition to create a unique and engaging personalized omni-channel experience, coupled with the comprehensive rebranding effort underway across Lowes Foods brick-and-mortar store base. Unata’s proprietary recommendation technology will enable digital engagement that is uniquely relevant to the guest.

Specific examples of the technology included within the rollout:

●      Ways to Shop: This feature allows the Lowes Foods guest to view the entire product catalogue by any combination of filters, including previously purchased, on sale, organic, gluten free, local and more. Guests can also sort through products based on popularity, personal relevance, date of last purchase, pricing and more.

●      Complex Offers: This is an industry-leading feature that reflects all in-store offers, including complex offers. Complex offers are often not available online, and usually involve multiple products and SKU’sredeemed after meeting set criteria. An example is “spend more than $25 and get $5 off.”  The guest is able to view their progress towards redeeming an offer as they add more items to their shopping cart and their estimated total accurately adjusts along the way.

“We have been incredibly pleased by the success of our pilot and the strength of our partnership with Unata,” said Michael Moore, Chief Marketing Officer at Lowes Foods. “Our collaboration has allowed us to improve upon the experience in real-time before moving ahead with full roll out. We have ambitious plans for providing a personalized experience for every Lowes Foods guest no matter if they engage with us digitally or within one of our stores. We are confident that the continuous improvement within our digital shopping experience will result in even stronger guest satisfaction, deeper loyalty and larger baskets.”

“We’ve had an amazing experience working with Lowes Foods through their pilot phase and are thrilled to roll out our platform across all stores,” said Diego Maniloff, Unata Vice President of Engineering & Data Science. “We know this experience so far has only made our product better for the customer and we’ve been able to do that with Lowes Foods based on a collaborative, trusting relationship that is entirely focused on what’s best for their guest.”

To view Lowes Foods current pilot implementation, simply head to https://shop.lowesfoods.com/#/


Haggen selects award winning omni-commerce provider Unata to help launch its new customer loyalty program and eCommerce experience

TORONTO & BELLINGHAM, Wash., 2015-7-13 — /EPR Retail News/ — Unata, the award winning omni-commerce provider, and West Coast regional grocer Haggen Food and Pharmacy today announced that Haggen has selected Unata to help launch its new customer loyalty program and eCommerce experience. The implementation will allow for more personalized marketing across Haggen’s channels including online, mobile and in-store.

Haggen’s new eCommerce platform will increase its customer experience offerings and digital presence. Advanced machine-learning will automate personalized recommendations based on data curated from Haggen’s loyalty program. The technology will enable 1-to-1 recommendations across the online experience, including personalized eCommerce homepages and searches, individualized product recommendations and personalized circulars to drive in-store purchases. Further, Haggen’s customers will be able to easily organize items as they shop online based on attributes such as organic, gluten-free or vegetarian.

Unata is leading the charge for personalization, a major industry trend, and is staged to provide clients like Haggen significant business value from its efforts. According to Forrester Research INC.’s Delivering New Levels of Personalization in Consumer Engagement, real-time decision engines will drive the context-focused strategy that is marketers’ key to 2015 success: driving revenue through increased transaction size, extended customer lifetime and improved conversion rates.

The announcement comes following Haggen’s successful store expansion and also at a time when Unata is expected to achieve a 500% year-over-year growth, supported by four new implementations and pilots within the past 60 days.

“We are thrilled to offer customers a personalized experience through our new customer loyalty program,” said Beth Walsh, Vice President of Consumer Insights at Haggen. “Unata is a leader in the omni-commerce space, and we’re excited to leverage their technology to drive sales and improve our customers’ shopping experience.”

“We are proud to announce our partnership with Haggen, a grocer that is building on its success in the Pacific Northwest to expand throughout the West Coast,” said Chris Bryson, Unata CEO. “Haggen’s focus on a rich customer experience driven by loyalty will help pave the future of the grocery experience.”

The loyalty program will begin rolling out in Whatcom County, Washington, at the end of the year and expand to all 164 Haggen locations in early 2016.

About Unata
Unata powers the future of 1-to-1 omni-commerce, interconnecting all digital retail touchpoints including circulars, eCommerce, loyalty programs and beacons through an omni-channel experience that links web, mobile, email and more. Unata’s award-winning platform leverages recommendation technology to ensure true 1-to-1 shopper omni-channel experiences. With an expected growth of over 500% YoY, Unata is expanding rapidly as a leading omni-commerce solutions and services provider. Unata currently works with leading regional grocers throughout Canada and the U.S. like Longo’s, Grocery Gateway, Lowes and Lunds & Byerlys. Learn more at www.unata.com.

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