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Pick ‘n Pay: Mushrooms in pink punnets support the fight against breast cancer

Cape Town, South Africa, 2015-10-12 — /EPR Retail News/ — All women are affected by breast cancer but with advances in science, women today have a better chance of surviving ‐ the key is finding the cancer early. Detection is aided by awareness, and we’re more aware when we know the facts.

  • In South Africa, breast cancer is most prevalent among white and Asian women, but it is also second most common among black and coloured women.
  • More than 85% of women with breast cancer have no family history of the disease.
  • Pre-menopausal black women are twice as likely to get basal-like breast tumours.
  • Basel-like breast tumours are a particularly virulent form of breast cancer, which means it is more severe or harmful.
  • Key findings suggest that women who eat, on average, 1 mushroom (10gm) a day seem to halve their risk of breast cancer.
  • In October, Pick n Pay will again go pink with mushroom packaging for Breast Cancer Awareness month; R1 for each punnet (250g whole white button and sliced white button mushrooms) will be donated to the breast cancer support group, Reach for Recovery.
  • Funds raised during 2013 have already supplied 572 disadvantaged women, affected by breast cancer, with silicon prosthesis.


Early detection saves lives – here is what you need to do to stay most aware of what matters:

  1. Examine your breasts – learn to do breast self-examinations every month a week after your period.
  2. 2. Regular medical check-ups. Go for annual medical check-ups with your doctor and ask for a breast examination.

Look out for those punnets in their pretty pink packaging on Pick ‘n Pay’s shelves. You’ll not only be helping those affected by this devastating disease but you’ll also be protecting yourself by adding good for you mushrooms to your daily diet.

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