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South Africa: uShaka Sea World strongly condemns drive fisheries and the inhumane slaughter of dolphins

Cape Town, South Africa, 2015-10-12 — /EPR Retail News/ — Many people are understandably concerned about the inhumane killing of dolphins that occurs during the Japanese drive fisheries. As animal advocates, we share your concern.

Be assured that uShaka Sea World strongly condemns drive fisheries and the inhumane slaughter of dolphins. We do not support, fund or acquire animals from these drives. Our organization is over 60 years old and we have never been associated with the dolphin activities in Japan or any other drive fishery in any way.

Animal care is and always will be uShaka Sea World’s TOP priority. We love our animals. Members of our dolphin team have strong relationships with our dolphins that have extended for their whole lives – infact many staff members have spent more time with our dolphins than with their own children!

Each year, over 100 000 young South African learners and 700000 visitors have the opportunity to learn more about the amazing animals of our oceans through a visit to uShaka Sea World. Most of these children and adults will never have the privilege of seeing these animals in the wild. For a large percentage of these children, it was their first visit outside the communities in which they were born. uShaka Sea World provides their only opportunity to see these animals and to appreciate the importance of marine conservation.

We take our role as marine researchers and educators seriously and continually strive towards ensuring our planet remains a place our children and their grandchildren are able to thrive in.
uShaka Sea World shares your love and respect for these amazing animals. We dedicate our lives to caring for the bottlenose dolphins and other marine animals every day and thank you for joining us in working to protect marine animals and to help conserve their ocean environments. By supporting uShaka Sea World’s vision and mission you are supporting the conservation of our oceans.

At uShaka Sea World our philosophy is simple – inspire our visitors as they meet our amazing marine animals, connect them to the oceans and then introduce them to some of the challenges facing our oceans. We need to help everyone to understand that our actions have either negative or positive impacts on our precious marine environment.

uShaka Sea World is home to 10 dolphins, 8 of which were born at Sea World. Both Gambit and Frodo came from the ocean -Gambit the Atlantic ocean and Frodo the Indian ocean 36 years ago. The practice of taking dolphins from the ocean has been illegal in South Africa more than 25 years.

If you want to learn more about all that we do to protect marine animals please visit our web site for more information:


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