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K-food stores launches “Thank the Producer” Christmas ham campaign to raise money to help pig farmers

HELSINKI, FINLAND, 2015-10-23 — /EPR Retail News/ — In the campaign launching at K-food stores in November, customers can, if they wish, pay one extra euro for the Finnish Christmas ham they buy. The K-Group will join the effort by adding yet another extra euro to the first. The objective of the “Thank the Producer” Christmas ham campaign is to raise 500,000 euros to be paid in full to pig farmers. In the coming months, the “Thank the Producer” extra will be extended to selected Pirkka range products and remitted directly to the producers. The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) give their full support to the operating model.

With this type of action, which is completely new in Finland, the K-Group wants to support Finnish producers, together with its customers. The aim of the “Thank the Producer” operating model is to highlight Finnish food production and food entrepreneurship.

– Now it’s time to thank the producer. When our customers participate in the “Thank the Producer” campaign, they can make a direct impact on maintaining Finnish food production through their own action, says Jorma Rauhala, Senior Vice President for Kesko’s grocery trade.

The objective of the “Thank the Producer” ham campaign is to raise 500,000 euros in a joint effort by customers and the K-Group. The proceeds will be remitted in full to pork producers with the help of meat companies and MTK.

– We will launch the campaign with an open-minded approach. We will extend the “Thank the Producer” extra also to other products, such as some of the Pirkka range cold cuts, cheeses and milks, says Rauhala.

Finnish people want Finnish food

The domestic origin of foodstuffs is important to Finnish people. According to the recent “Suomi syö” survey commissioned by Taloustutkimus, as many as 82% of Finns find it important to eat domestic foods.

– Already about 80% of the products sold by K-food stores are manufactured in Finland. For that reason alone, it’s of primary importance to us to act as a reliable partner for the Finnish food manufacturing industry. We must take care of the vitality of the Finnish producer and the Finnish food manufacturing industry, says Rauhala.

MTK give their full support to the K-Group’s “Thank the Producer” operating model.

– This is a new type of initiative in Finland and the kind of action we really need now. Many farms are in really serious financial difficulties in the vicious circle of reduced producer prices and rising costs, says Antti Sahi, MTK’s Secretary General. Besides the extra euros, another important thing in the K-Group’s campaign is the appreciation it shows for the work of Finnish farmers.

Further information:
Senior Vice President, Jorma Rauhala, Kesko, grocery trade, tel. +358 105 322 211
Vice President for Communications, Karoliina Partanen, Kesko, grocery trade, tel. +358 105 320 744
Secretary General Antti Sahi, MTK, tel. +358 400 804 496

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The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) is a trade organisation and interest group representing farmers, forest owners and rural entrepreneurs. MTK has over 400,000 members. All of the occupations and businesses of our members are based on renewable natural resources and their utilisation in a sustainable and economical way.


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