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The Fondation Louis Vuitton celebrates its first anniversary

PARIS, FRANCE, 2015-10-28 — /EPR Retail News/ — The Fondation Louis Vuitton opened its doors a year ago, on October 24, 2014, welcoming the public to its amazing building. In one year, the Foundation has emerged as a major institution in the cultural landscape of Paris, France, and indeed the world. A few figures tell a remarkable success story.

1 year: The Foundation celebrates its first anniversary at the end of October. A new “must” on the Paris cultural scene, the institution has made multidisciplinary programming a key strength, welcoming exhibitions, artistic and musical performances, concerts, plus master classes and educational workshops for young visitors.

3 Hangs: Comprised primarily of works done from the 1960s onwards, the Foundation’s nascent collection is developed around four themes, unified by powerful emotional resonance: contemplative, subjective expressionism, popist and music/sound.

These four themes have been illustrated in three Hangs. For the first phase in the inaugural cycle, Hang 1 centered on a reading of the architecture through a compact presentation of emblematic works. Hang 2 spotlighted the collection’s expressionist and contemplative lines through a variety of works, ranging from Alberto Giacometti to Annette Messager and Ed Atkins. Finally, Hang 3 – which runs until January 4, 2016 – focused on the popist and music/sound lines of the collection.

In addition to its own collection, the Fondation Louis Vuitton has organized several temporary exhibitions, alternating between contemporary shows and historical perspectives. Olafur Eliasson presented unique installations created specially for the Foundation, while the most recent exhibition, Keys to a Passion, brought together an emblematic selection of major works from the 20th century that connect with the four core themes of the collection.

For its 2016 program, the Foundation will feature contemporary Chinese art, both in its own collection and in a series of exhibitions.

1,000: The number of seats in the Auditorium, which welcomes all forms of live artistic performances, especially music. Artists to date have ranged from Lang Lang to Kanye West and Kraftwerk. The public enjoys the performances of musicians and artists from every discipline in this venue, which boasts unique architecture and state-of-the-art technical facilities. Classical music concerts are broadcast on Radio Classique.

3,600 glass panels: With a transparent lightness that evokes the sails of a ship, these panels constitute the roof of the spectacular building designed by Frank Gehry. Conceived as a vessel floating in its natural environment, the boldly unique building was made possible thanks to innovative expertise and technologies. This architectural feat has become a new symbol of Paris, as well as of a France focused on vibrant innovation.

1.2 million visitors: The Fondation targeted 700,000 visitors the first year after the inauguration on October 24, 2014. The tremendous enthusiasm of the public has resulted in attendance well beyond these expectations. What’s more, it has proved especially popular among a young public – a quarter of the visitors are under 26.




The Fondation Louis Vuitton celebrates its first anniversary
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