Colruyt to open newly renovated store in Haaltert on 30 November

Halle, Belgium, 2016-Apr-03 — /EPR Retail News/ — On Wednesday 30 November the renovated Colruyt store in Haaltert will open its doors after a few months of renovation work. The store has been expanded by half its original size and restyled into a new-generation Colruyt store.

New-generation store
Store manager Joel Steeman: “Colruyt regularly renovates its stores to make them more efficient and to make shopping for customers more pleasant. At the freshmarket, for instance, we replaced the plastic flaps with an air curtain. When making renovations, we always aim at simplicity and the lowest costs, as our customers expect from us.”

Wider product range and new butcher’s department
The store’s sales area has been expanded to 1,500 m². Customers can now find a wider assortment in every department, in both the food and the non-food section. The freshmarket and the frozen products department for instance are now considerably larger. For fresh quality meat, customers can visit the brand-new butcher’s department. Head butcher Danny Breynaert: “Our customers have a nice overview of the range of meat, cold cuts and salads. And they can see the butchers at work in an open workshop. Customers can easily talk to them if they have questions or special orders.”

2 extra check-out points – 8 in total – ensure an even smoother service. The also parking area has been expanded by half its size.

Collect&Go shops for the customer
Colruyt Haaltert now also has a Collect&Go pick-up point. Store manager Joel Steeman: “Collect&Go is a handy Colruyt service where we shop for our customers. They send us their shopping list over the Internet or using their smartphones, and the Collect&Go employees have their products ready at the pick-up point on the day and time of their choice. It’s a handy service, and they save time!”

Special open evening
From Wednesday 30 March, store manager Joel Steeman, head butcher Danny Breynaert and their 37 employees – 3 more than in the old store – will be on hand to welcome their customers at the revamped Colruyt Haaltert.
Joel Steeman: “The evening before, on Tuesday 29 Match from 17 to 20, everyone is invited for a store preview. During this special open house, customers will be offered snacks and a drink. Everyone is most welcome!”

For more information, please contact:

Filip Ghillebaert (regional manager) at 02 360 10 40
Hanne Poppe (press officer Colruyt Group) at 0473 92 45 10

Practical information:

Colruyt Haaltert
Hoogstraat 131
9450 Haaltert

Opening times:
Mon-Sat: 8.30 – 20
Fri: 8.30 – 21

Open house:
Tuesday 29 March from 17 to 20.


 Colruyt to open newly renovated store in Haaltert on 30 November

Colruyt to open newly renovated store in Haaltert on 30 November


Colruyt store opens new store in Florenville, Luxembourg

Halle, Belgium, 2016-Apr-03 — /EPR Retail News/ — On Wednesday the 30th of March a brand new Colruyt store will open its doors in Florenville in the province of Luxembourg. It means the people living in this region will no longer have to drive many kilometres to shop at Colruyt. The new store is in a tourist area which means it will draw many holidaymakers. This store, the 235th Colruyt, is a new generation Colruyt store.

Efficient shopping close to house
Fabrice Demasy, manager of Colruyt Florenville: “Many people in this region wanted to be able to shop close to home for the lowest prices. And Colruyt wanted to increase its presence in the Ardennes. The location in the centre of Florenville is ideal for this. In this new generation store we have always put a premium on simplicity and lowest costs, as our customers expect from us.”

Wider range and new butcher’s shop
Customers will find an expanded range of food and non-food products of national brands and house brands at Colruyt Florenville. There is also a wide range of frozen products and drinks. And every day fresh fruit and vegetables, prepared meat product, dairy products and fresh fish are delivered to the refrigerated fresh market.

Our butcher’s shop with open workshop offers fresh quality meat. Customer can see all the meat and prepared meat products and salads and watch the butchers go about their business. You can talk to the butchers if you have any questions or a special order”, says chief butcher Jonathan Tirtiaux. “In our butcher’s shop experienced butchers cut all the quality meat on-the-spot. They package it in handy portions and arrange everything in a self-service counter.”

Special open evening
Manager Fabrice Demasy, chief butcher Jonathan Tirtiaux and their 19 workers look forward to welcoming customers from Wednesday the 30th of March in the renewed Colruyt Florenville.
Fabrice Demasy: “The evening before, on Tuesday 29 March from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., you are invited to be the first to check out the store. During a special open evening, with a drink and a snack, we will gladly show our customers around the store. Everyone is welcome!”

For more information, please contact:

Johan Jadin (regional manager) op 02 360 10 40
Hanne Poppe (press officer of Colruyt Group) at 0473 92 45 10

Practical info:

Colruyt Florenville
Rue de la Station 77
6820 Florenville

Opening times:
Mon – Sat: 8.30 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Fri: 8.30 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Open evening:
Tuesday 29 March 2016 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Colruyt store opens new store in Florenville, Luxembourg

Colruyt store opens new store in Florenville, Luxembourg

Ultra-intelligent mini beer brewing machine gets funded within two days on Kickstarter

Los Angeles, CA, 2016-Apr-03 — /EPR Retail News/ — The ArtBrew beer brewing control system – designed, developed and marketed by an international-based team comprised of the world’s top engineers and brewers – has been officially launched at Kickstarter as an “inspired innovation” that will “change the concept of beer brewing.”

As of this writing, ArtBrew’s Kickstarter campaign has already got full funded within two days of being activated. And it will arrive at 200% of target very soon.

Boasting a premium structure that keeps both brewing and fermentation in one chassis and which automates nearly the entire process, the ArtBrew is the world’s newest, smartest beer brewing appliance featuring a unique mobile app that provides users another way to control the machine beyond the button on the 400 x 240 pixels LCD screen, either nearby or remotely with a Wi-Fi connection. This also allows for status tracking and access to a massive database containing a plethora of recipes from across the world.

Through ArtBrew’s innovative app, users can customize their own recipes while taking advantage of the social networking platform to obtain and share recipes they may not have had previous access to.

“The ArtBrew solution is going to change the brewing game not only because of its ability to keep the brewing tank and fermentation tank in one common chassis – one that boasts excellent structural design – but also because it’s a formidable control system with a myriad of sensors to control and provide feedback on the different processes,” states an ArtBrew spokesperson.

“What’s more, in this day and age of worldwide social networking, the ArtBrew app provides users an alternative control method for the machine, coming fully loaded with a recipe library that contains hundreds of recipes collected from the world’s most famous breweries, access to brewing process tracking with a real time curve, market access to all ArtBrew products and accessories, user notification of machine status and much more. To say the ArtBrew  product is a forward-thinking, easy-to-use brewing solution is something of an understatement.”

A six-liter MiniKeg can represent a serving keg that the user simply leaves inside the machine to access the beer, or can work as a fermentation keg which the user can store in a refrigerator for fermentation purposes. Further, ArtBrew recipes are sorted in various categories, providing the user an easy way of finding the desired recipes while allowing the search process to commence by keyword or name. Users can create their own recipes and can also change or modify the original ArtBrew recipes to create a new one, free to then use/brew them or share with the public.

ArtBrew representatives say the goal of the new brewing system is to allow everyone to discover their “inner beer brewing artist,” with no previous technique or knowledge required.

Learn more at

SOURCE: EuropaWire