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VERO MODA apprentice awarded second prize in ‘Detailhandlens Fagprøvepris 2016’

VERO MODA apprentice awarded second prize in ‘Detailhandlens Fagprøvepris 2016’
VERO MODA apprentice awarded second prize in ‘Detailhandlens Fagprøvepris 2016’


BRANDE, Denmark, 2016-Oct-13 — /EPR Retail News/ — Store apprentice from VERO MODA Bruuns Galleri in Aarhus, Anne Skarby, took home the second prize in ‘Detailhandlens Fagprøvepris 2016’ awarded at Børsen in Copenhagen Friday last week. We talked to Anne to learn more about her final examination project.

1 September, during a holiday with her family in Mallorca, Anne Skarby got a call from the Danish Chamber of Commerce breaking the news about her impressive result. “I was totally shocked and, of course, very very happy,” Anne begins.

‘Detailhandlens Fagprøvepris 2016’ is awarded by the Danish Chamber of Commerce and honours the best students in the retail business. Out of 5000 projects, only 10 made it to the nominations, and Anne’s final examination project titled ‘’Can JACK & JONES’ service concept be implemented in VERO MODA’ obviously ended up impressing both her trainers and the Danish Chamber of Commerce as she took home the second prize.

Anne on the idea behind the project: ”The idea behind the subject was born during one of the school periods, where I spent a week in a JACK & JONES store in Herning. Here, I experienced a service concept, which was very different from ours. I saw them spending much more time with each customer, which in many cases led to bigger basket sizes than what I was used to in VERO MODA.”

“This experience really lit a fire to my passion for customer service, and I was convinced that if we could improve our level of service in VERO MODA and invest more of ourselves when interacting with our customers, we would be able to increase our turnover. Being one of the largest fashion brands in Denmark, we simply had to be able to do better.”

All this led to Anne’s decision on making Customer Service the subject of her project. A combination of VERO MODA’s and JACK & JONES’ service concepts formed the basis of her final oral presentation, which ended up giving her the second prize.

A part of the committee’s reason for awarding Anne: “Anne exhibits an exceptional talent when it comes to applying theory to practice in an analytical and rational manner. She is service-minded, thorough in all aspects of her work and her education – and her level of professionalism is unusually high.”

“Gaining this recognition has provided a massive boost to my confidence and has left me wanting to achieve more. It has convinced me that if I fight for what I want and believe in, I can succeed. Lastly, it really shows that I have found my niche, “Anne finishes.

Trainer in HR and responsible for BESTSELLER’s Apprentice Education, on Anne’s accomplishment: “We are very proud of the excellent result Anne has achieved. She is a product of the great apprentice education programme we have in BESTSELLER, where students are given responsibility and the freedom to carve out a solid foundation for their future career. We are happy that Anne will remain a part of BESTSELLER, so that we can benefit from her skills and not least her amazing personality.”

Anne will continue her daily life in VERO MODA in Bruuns Galleri. However, her future dream is to improve her skills even more to become a Service Concept Developer in VERO MODA and be in the very forefront of how the brand defines customer service.


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