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Carrefour selected startups FoPo and Too Good to Go for its anti-wastage competition

Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE, 2016-Oct-18 — /EPR Retail News/ — As one of the partners of the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris, Carrefour has selected two start-ups – FoPo and Too Good to Go – for its anti-wastage competition.

FoPo and Too Good to Go have both been recognised for their innovative initiatives
Carrefour has awarded first prize of €15,000 to Fopo. The second prize of €5000 has been awarded to Too Good to Go. Both winners will be able to draw on the retailer’s expertise to help get their projects off the ground. A special “panel’s favourite” prize was awarded to BioTraq.

FoPo collects fruit and vegetables that are approaching their use-by dates from stores and farms. The items are then dried and converted into Food Powder (FoPo), extending their shelf lives from two weeks to 2 years. The fruit and vegetable powder doesn’t lose any of its flavour or aroma. It is ideal for cooking (smoothies, ice cream, muesli, etc.). Easy to transport and use, it is also perfect for humanitarian aid and rescue packages.

Too Good To Go is a mobile app that is essentially a win-win solution for stores and consumers. Consumers can be geo-localised and find out which stores are selling boxes made up of an assortment of products that are approaching their use-by dates. These products are then sold at a discount just before the stores close.

The panel’s favourite prize was awarded to BioTraq which helps manufacturers in the food, pharmaceuticals and plant sectors reduce the quantities of perishable products that they lose or waste by optimising their logistics chain. BioTraq has developed a solution that calculates – in real time – the quality of perishable products. The operator is given indicators about the quality of a given product and can then decide whether or not to keep it in the logistics chain.

Carrefour organised the Food Waste Challenge during which eight short-listed start-ups unveiled their solutions for tackling food wastage at each and every stage of the chain – production, manufacture, transport, distribution and consumption. Carrefour works with start-up companies in all of the areas in which it operates – upstream and downstream –, as well as its CSR policy.

Combating waste, a collective challenge with shared solutions
As one of the mainstays of its CSR policy, Carrefour has undertaken to reduce the amount of food that it wastes by 50% between now (2016) and 2025. Since 2013, Carrefour has been implementing a global plan to tackle food wastage with support from various business lines within the company, as well as its partners and consumers. Working alongside start-up companies helps provide innovative solutions for taking up this collective challenge.

Carrefour is the leading private donor to food banks: every day, it donates unsold stock that is still perfectly fit for human consumption to local charities. In France, the retailer has donated the equivalent of 92 million meals to more than 1000 local food aid organisations.

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