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BESTSELLER seeks new colleagues for its Business Intelligence Department

In BESTSELLER, Business Intelligence is a crucial tool that continuously impacts how the business is run. Right now, BESTSELLER is looking for new colleagues for our Business Intelligence Department.

BRANDE, Denmark, 2016-Oct-26 — /EPR Retail News/ — Fashion is an ever-changing industry where customer preferences change along with burgeoning and fading trends. Add to that a result and performance-oriented culture, and you end up with some ambitious demands towards your Business Intelligence solutions. Demands, ambitions and possibilities – all representing a major potential for the future success of BESTSELLER.

In BESTSELLER, Business Intelligence enables BESTSELLER to capture real-time knowledge and insights across distribution and marketing channels to respond to the ever-changing demands of our customers. Manager, Business Intelligence & Planning in BESTSELLER, Mark Hedegaard, says: “Since BESTSELLER operates in a fast-paced industry, we are dependent on being an IT organisation where decisions can be made quickly without going through too many decision-makers.” He continues:

“Our aim is to be an enabler to the users of our BI solutions in BESTSELLER by supplying data, insight and transparency at the same pace as our business moves.”

Consequently, Business Intelligence solutions support BESTSELLER’s continuous development, increase competitive advantage and ensure that the business is capable of making the right decisions.


The Business Intelligence & Planning Department in BESTSELLER has a close collaboration with stakeholders from the entire finance organisation and BESTSELLER’s many brand houses. In particular, interdependence between the Business Intelligence & Planning Department and the Performance Management & Analytics Department exists. Often, the Performance Management & Analytics Department is the one to detect or be informed about a specific need somewhere in the organisation.

Head of Performance Management & Analytics, Palle Kongerslev Lilleøre, explains that his team depends on the Business Intelligence team to build solutions that can generate the correct data. Next, it is Palle Kongerslev Lilleøre’s responsibility to convert the immense amount of data into useful insights and knowledge, which is adopted and implemented across the entire organisation: “In that way, the BI team enables me to meet the needs of the business by delivering data that can make up the foundation for strategic decision-making,” Palle Kongerslev Lilleøre stresses.


Since 2011, SAP has been BESTSELLER’s overall BI platform. Now, BESTSELLER is facing one of the world’s largest and most ambitious AX implementations. BESTSELLER’s Business Intelligence experts will be playing a crucial role, as they must support the roll-out of the entire ERP platform by combining data from several source systems into one integrated and ambitious BI solution.

The new platform will support all phases of BESTSELLER’s value chain and provide transparency of the business. The fact that BESTSELLER transfers to Microsoft Dynamics AX means that the new BI platform must be implemented “from scratch”. Solution Architect in BESTSELLER Business Intelligence & Planning, Henrik Høj Hornshøj, is convinced that his team will experience some game-changing and fun possibilities in connection with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Henrik elaborates:

“In the future, AX can deliver data to the cloud and since we work in Azure, we will, as an example, be capable of receiving live data from all our cash registers.”


BESTSELLER’s IT department consists of 241 colleagues, who master solutions that support all business processes. They work with the latest technologies, aiming to create competitive business advantages for BESTSELLER by providing leading solutions.

Right now, BESTSELLER is looking for Developers for IT Planning Solutions and Senior BI Developers to join our Business Intelligence Department. Check out all the exciting opportunities below.


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