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BESTSELLER partners with local schools in Brande area to increase children’s overall well-being, motivation and learning

BESTSELLER partners with local schools in Brande area to increase children’s overall well-being, motivation and learning

BRANDE, Denmark, 2018-Feb-27 — /EPR Retail News/ — BESTSELLER partners with local schools: A well-being project at the local schools in the Brande area – home of BESTSELLER’s main office –  will focus on setting the stage for children and young people to flourish and grow into strong and enabled young adults.

Over the next three years, pupils in the middle and upper levels of the public schools in the Ikast-Brande Municipality will take part in a project to increase their overall well-being, motivation and learning.


A healthy, active body creates a healthy, active mind. This seems to be the mantra for Skoleglæ, the organisation behind the initiative. The organisation uses exercise and movement as a lever to increase motivation and learning among pupils. So far, more than 7,500 pupils across Denmark has been part of the initiative, and the results have been very positive increasing the pupils’ power of concentration, engagement and sense of community.

Skoleglæ will be hosting different workshops for pupils and teachers alike, and a key element in the programme will be the daily integration of exercise and academia. During classes, pupils will become acquainted with everything from classic squat jumps and push-ups to yoga and mental fitness.

‘We know that variation in the daily grind is a top priority for pupils, and the well-being among pupils and the relationship between them and their teachers are crucial for the pupils’ motivation and learning outcomes,’ says Henrik Leth from Skoleglæ


‘We are proud to announce our collaboration with the local schools in the Brande area. Children and teens are key to a well-functioning future society, and by incorporating healthy habits and exercise directly into the daily teaching situations, we can help build a culture that forms happy and whole young individuals,’ says BESTSELLER Communication Manager Jesper Stubkier.

‘In BESTSELLER, we look forward to following the project at close hand, and we will be inviting our local colleagues to take part in workshops and training sessions throughout the course of the programme,’ Jesper Stubkier adds.

The three-year project in the public schools in Brande area is a result of a private-public partnership between Ikast-Brande Municipality, Skoleglæ, travel agency Apollo and BESTSELLER. The project will be launched this august.


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