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Boil Water Advisory San Diego

Boil Water Advisory Issued for Coronado and Imperial Beach Due to E. coli Contamination

Don’t Use Tap Water in Coronado and Imperial Beach Because of Germs

The water that comes out of the faucet in Coronado and Imperial Beach is not safe to use right now. It has some germs called E. coli that can make you sick. The people who check the water quality say you should boil the water before you use it for anything, like drinking, cooking, or washing.

E. coli germs can give you stomach ache, fever, vomiting, or headache. They are more dangerous for babies, old people, and people who have weak immune systems.

The warning to boil the water started on Thursday, August 24, 2023. It will not stop until the water is tested again and the germs are gone.

To make the water safe, you should heat it until it bubbles for at least three minutes. You can also use bottled water instead of tap water. You should use boiled or bottled water for everything, even for your pets.

When the warning is over, you should do some things to clean your pipes and appliances. You should run the water for a few minutes, wash and sanitize anything that touches the water, and throw away any food or drinks that were made with the water.

The people who check the water quality are trying to fix the problem as fast as they can. You can find out more about the warning on their website, or call them if you have any questions.

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