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Who Is Matthew McGreevy and Phillip Schofield Relationship With Matthew McGreevy

Phillip Schofield, who used to present This Morning with Holly Willoughby, has been in the news lately after losing his job and revealing that he is gay after being married for 27 years. His personal life has also been a topic of gossip and curiosity, especially about his possible relationship with Matthew McGreevy, a TV producer who is 34 years younger than him.

Who is Matthew McGreevy?

Matthew McGreevy is a 24-year-old TV maker who has worked on many ITV shows, such as This Morning, Loose Women, and Dancing on Ice. He began his career as a helper on This Morning in 2014, when he was 18 years old. He had met Phillip Schofield two years before, when he was part of The 2 Faced Theatre Academy in Holmfirth, where Schofield is a supporter. McGreevy had spent a day with Schofield and his co-presenter Holly Willoughby at the ITV studios, and had asked Schofield for a job on the show⁴.

Some sources say that McGreevy and Schofield became good friends and had a secret love affair over the years. But their relationship reportedly ended badly in 2020, and then McGreevy left This Morning to work on Loose Women⁴. He also removed his social media accounts and disappeared, because of a legal order from Schofield’s lawyers⁴.

What did Phillip Schofield say about Matthew McGreevy?

Phillip Schofield has never said anything publicly about his relationship with Matthew McGreevy. But he has said that he had relationships with men while he was married to his wife Stephanie Lowe, whom he divorced in 2021. In an interview with The Sun in May 2021, he said: “I don’t think anyone should know everything. There are things that are private. I have never talked about who I was with. I don’t think it’s fair to them or to me.

He also said that he was sorry for hurting his wife and his two daughters, Molly and Ruby, but that he was happy to be gay and live honestly. He said: “I’m not ashamed of who I am. I’m not embarrassed by who I am. I’m proud of who I am.

How did Matthew McGreevy react to Phillip Schofield’s apology?

Matthew McGreevy has not spoken publicly about his alleged affair with Phillip Schofield either. But some reports say that he was not happy with Schofield’s apology and felt cheated by him. A source told Lebrity: “Matthew feels like Phillip has pushed him away. He thinks Phillip is trying to protect his own image by acting like a victim and pretending to be sorry. He doesn’t believe that Phillip ever loved him or cared about him.

The source also said that McGreevy was planning to tell the truth about their relationship and show Schofield’s lies. The source said: “Matthew has a lot of information on Phillip and he’s not afraid to use it. He has proof of their affair, including messages, photos, and videos. He’s ready to tell his story and make Phillip pay for what he did to him.

What is Matthew McGreevy doing now?

According to Politicalite, Matthew McGreevy was working in a pub called the Hope and Anchor in Flookburgh, Cumbria until two weeks ago⁴. He quit his job before the scandal came out. It is not clear what he is doing now or where he is living now.

Phillip Schofield, on the other hand, is facing a difficult future after being fired from This Morning because of a fight with Holly Willoughby and a fall in ratings¹. He is also facing legal trouble from his former agency YMU over unpaid money¹. He has not announced any new plans or jobs yet.

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