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Fact Check— Is EDP445 dead or alive? YouTuber death hoax debunked

Many people are searching the internet to find out what happened to Edp445. 

Is he dead? 

This question is on the minds of every fan of Edp445. He is famous for being a Youtuber. Recently, a story spread on the internet that Youtuber Edp445 might have died. Is it true? As many people are confused about the fate of Edp445, we did some research on it and collected some important information. In the next sections, we have answered every important question related to Edp445. So stay with this page and keep reading this article for more details. Look below.

Is Edp445 dead or alive? 

Edp445’s real name is Turman Bryant Emerson Moreland. But he is popularly known by his stage name. The Youtuber is from the US. He also says that he is a big fan of the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL. The Youtuber’s fame and popularity were limited to his followers but he became more famous when he was exposed for allegedly having improper chats with underage girls. Please scroll down the page and know more about him. A news agency said that Edp445 was caught trying to talk to an underage girl. In fact, he was trapped to reveal his actions in front of the media. A video was recorded while he was trying to contact an underage girl. At that time, the Youtuber was arrested for it. A group of child protection activists, Predator Poachers, accused him of making inappropriate contact with underage girls. Recently, the Youtuber’s name came into the news headlines because of his death rumors. Is it true that Edp445 has passed away? Deine recently posted on Insta and said that he had stage 4 kidney failure and might die slowly. Scroll down the page and read more details.

But so far, no official confirmation about his death has been made. There are only rumors that are spreading the death news of Edp445. Because of the lack of solid evidence, we can not say for sure whether Edp445 has died or not. An official statement from the Youtuber’s side is awaited. EDP445 was born on Dec 15, 1990. People know him for his rant videos. But he also makes vlogs, reviews, and gaming videos. Bryant Turman Emerson Moreland is his real name. Stay connected to this website for more details and updates.

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