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Gamma App: Make AI Content for Various Needs

  • Gamma App: Make AI Content for Various Needs¹: This is an app that uses smart technology to help you make nice and interesting content for different goals. You can type your thoughts in simple language and the app will make slides, web pages, or files that are ready to use. You can also talk to an AI helper to change and improve your content, as well as get data and comments on your work.
  • Build and change slides with AI helper²: This is a web page that offers a service like the previous app, but only makes slides with the help of an AI helper. You can begin with a model or an empty project and the AI helper will help you with adding content, style, and quality. You can also work with others and share your slides on different devices.
  • Gamma – Crypto options data³: This is an app that gives you information about the hard world of bitcoin and ethereum options. You can use it to study crypto options and use changes in price. The app has nice and original graphs and data-based tips to help you find new chances in the crypto market.

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