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Is Ariana Grande Pregnant? The Super Bowl 2023 Fans React to Her Baby Bump Photos

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s Baby News in 2023: What’s the Real Story?

Ariana Grande is a famous and talented singer who has many fans around the world. But some of them may be wondering if she is going to have a baby soon. The answer is no, she is not pregnant as of June 2023.

This is what her friends and people who work with her have said. She got married to Dalton Gomez, who sells expensive houses, in a small and secret wedding in May 2021. But they are not planning to have a baby right now. They want to work on their jobs and enjoy their marriage first.

Some people started to think that she was pregnant when they saw a picture of her with a big belly on Instagram in January 2022. But this picture was not real. It was changed by someone to make it look like she was pregnant. Her fans and the news found out that this picture was fake and showed the real one.

Ariana Grande did not talk about these rumors, but she showed herself on social media without a big belly. She is busy with her music and her role as a teacher on The Voice, a show where singers compete. She has a new album called Positions, which is very popular and good. She also made songs with other singers like The Weeknd, Doja Cat, and Justin Bieber.

Ariana Grande has said before that she wants to be a mom someday, but she also said that she is not ready for that yet. She said in an interview, “I love children. I don’t know when that will happen for me. I’m still healing and learning and growing.”

Until then, her fans can listen to her music and watch her on The Voice, where she is trying to win with her team against other teachers like Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend. She is very good at teaching and choosing singers for her team.

Her fans can also wait for her tour, which will start later this year. The tour will have songs from her new album and some of her old songs. She said that she will give a great show for her fans.

Her fans can be sure that she is happy and healthy in 2023, and that she is not having a baby with Gomez. But they can also wish that one day, she will have her dream of being a mom and share that happiness with them. Until then, they can cheer for her and support her in what she does.

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