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Weight gain, either because they want to be heavier

Many people care about weight gain, either because they want to be heavier for health or beauty reasons, or because they want to avoid being heavier. Your weight can change because of many things, such as what you eat, how much you move, your genes, your hormones, and your health problems.

If you want to be heavier, you need to eat more calories than you use. This means eating more food, especially food that has a lot of calories and nutrients. Some food that can make you heavier are nuts, seeds, cheese, milk, eggs, meat, fish, avocados, dried fruits, and smoothies. You can also put more oil, butter, cheese, or nut butters on your food and snacks to make them have more calories.

But being heavier is not just about eating more. You also need to work out often to grow muscles and stop too much fat from building up. Resistance training, like lifting weights or doing exercises with your own body weight, can help you grow your muscles and make them stronger. You should try to do resistance training at least two times a week, and work on different muscles each time. You can also do some cardio exercises, like walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming, to make your heart healthier and last longer.

Besides eating more and working out often, you also need to look after your whole health and happiness. This means sleeping enough, lowering stress, drinking water, and staying away from smoking and alcohol. These things can change your hunger, how fast you burn calories, your hormone levels, and your ability to fight diseases, which can affect your weight gain. You should also talk to your doctor before starting any weight gain plan, especially if you have any health problems or take any medicine that may change your weight.
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