Displaysense Freeze Prices To Aid Cash Strapped Councils

With the UK economy still teetering on the cliff edge of economic recovery, everyone from small businesses to Alistair Darling are set for a new decade of belt tightening in order to reduce the countries debts. With more than 250,000 people currently employed in the public sector, this area is set to be hit hardest as budgets are slashed and the prospect of major job losses seem inevitable.

In order to help prevent future job losses, Displaysense, a leading supplier of display cabinets and cake stands to retailers and public bodies in the UK, has vowed to freeze the prices of its most popular ranges over the next couple of months.

The company, which has experienced price increases from their suppliers and who are also suffering from the ever escalating prices of fuel, has promised to absorb all of these costs until the start of June. As public sector bodies are set to start a new financial year in April, procurement managers are being encouraged to make the most of this price freeze and purchase their business card holders and display cases now.

With spending cuts being estimated between 5% and 20% from council to council, not only will those currently employment by a public sector body suffer, but also the general public who depend on grants or support from the government to get by.

Steve Whittle the marketing manager at Displaysense commented: “Throughout the 30 year history at Displaysense, we have always had a long standing relationship with councils. We appreciate their business and are trying to do what we can to ease their short term pressures and their long term concerns.”

According to a recent survey carried out by BBC English regions, some councils may experience up to 1000 job losses each, which will only push the level of unemployment back up and impact on the stability of the economies recovery.

Although the price freeze at Displaysense might not be the answer to the public sectors prayers, it is hoped that other suppliers will follow suit and play their part in keeping the countries unemployment level down and keeping the UK economy up.

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Displaysense Cook Up A Recipe For Success In 2010

Displaysense has decided to help inspire the countries would-be chefs with free recipes and cooking hints.

During phone calls to their customers, Displaysense the UK’s leading supplier of shop fittings and cake stands, noticed a growing trend of sales since the start of December from customers who want to display their food creations at dinner parties and social gatherings.

Displaysense Cook Up A Recipe For Success In 2010

With the entire country still feeling the effects of one of the worst recessions in recorded history, unemployment rates refuse to drop and pensioners are struggling to get by. The recession has not all been bad news however, as more and more people are turning away from eating out and microwave meals and are instead staying in to cook from scratch, which can be healthier, more nutritious and better on the bank balance.

The company is now looking to help encourage more of the country’s budding chefs to pick up a mixing bowl and get creative with their own list of recipes and helpful hints. Customers who purchased a food display from Displaysense since November will be emailed these recipes and cooking tips close to Valentines Day in February so they can really put their new found skills to the test.

Steve Whittle, marketing manager at Displaysense, commented, “We have noticed that more and more home users are buying into our catering range, which is why we have decided to create these recipes and serving suggestion tips. The recipes for the email are actually being pulled together by our staff, who are surprisingly good cooks and who knows, you might see them on YouTube sometime soon showing off their creations on some of our food displays or cake stand.”

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Displaysense Put Shop Displays In The Spot Light This Christmas

Displaysense the UK’s leading supplier of shop fittings, understand that a bit of festive cheer can go a long way, especially as the nights get longer and the days get colder, and are encouraging their customers to send in pictures of the best and worst Christmas displays on their local high streets, to help highlight the importance of a well thought out display presence at this time of year.

Displaysense who sell a wide variety of shop fittings including display cabinets, believe that traditional in-store Christmas decorations are not enough to encourage those all important sales this December and need to think up new and unique methods of drawing customers in store.

In order to keep retailers on their toes, Displaysense are encouraging their customers to send in photos of some of the countries best and worst displays that they spot on their local high streets, with the customer sending in the picture of the most impressive display, winning a festive Christmas hamper. The store that is found to have the countries worst display, will be sent a whoopee cushion from Inflatable Everything, the sister site of Displaysense.

Steve Whittle the marketing manager at Displaysense commented, “Simply adding a bit of tinsel and some snowflakes won’t have the same impact as previous years and stores will now need to do a lot more to attract attention. Unusual shop window displays or decorations and props really need to engage with the customer in order to work and the smart money would be on the companies who figured this out and set some extra budget aside in order to fulfill this.”

Not only will the Displaysense customers be sending in pictures of the displays, but they will also be the judges of this competition. Displaysense plan to send an email out to their customers at the start of January with the top 5 best and worst pictures sent in and will encourage customers to reply with a vote for which one they like and which one should be put on Santa’s naughty list.

It is not only shop window displays that see a dramatic face lift at Christmas, but all things down to the air freshener scent in store will need proper consideration. Stores that look closely at the finer detail of their displays will be more successful in persuading customers into purchasing. Whether it’s a change to their food displays with new cake stands or investing in more clothes rails to space out their stock, it can all make a big difference.

From Lakeside shopping centre all the way up to the Forge shopping centre, retailers need to make more of an effort to encourage consumers in store and part with their hard earned cash. But with the Displaysense customers acting as judge, jury and executioner, it is not only the retailers who could make a killing this Christmas and New Years.

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Retailers Seeking Temporary Solutions To Guarantee A Better Christmas

Displaysense reports high street retailers and independent stores are heading into the festive period in full force by increasing their retail display solutions to promote and distribute their range of products in defiance of forecasts of a slump in Christmas sales threatening the speed and strength of the UK’s economic recovery.

Displaysense, the UK’s leading supplier of display cabinets and cake stands has noticed a growing trend in businesses purchasing more in the way of temporary shop displays. This allows retailers the opportunity to have more stock on display, providing customers more choice as well as retailers the chance to reduce their stock and increase sales during this festive period.

With a slump in sales over the summer period, primarily due to poor weather and unrest in the banking system, there is now a surplus in stock at many retailers which needs to be cleared in order to make way for the latest products and gadgets for 2010.

With the opportunity of Christmas and January sales just around the corner, many shops are looking for as many opportunities as possible to sell, sell, sell and recoup their depreciating investment in the stock they hold. As cash is very much king to retailers and with banks still unwilling to lend, businesses are trying to ensure they can make the most of this silly season of sales and buyer demand approaching.

Steve Whittle the marketing manager at Displaysense, commented on this trend in a positive tone by stating, “The fact that a lot of businesses are looking to get rid of their stock shouldn’t be seen as a desperate attempt to make some money, but rather that they are ready to move on after a disappointing year. New stock lines bring new opportunities and the lessons learnt over the past year or so should put the majority of companies in good stead for the coming months ahead”.

With some ranges of wire chrome shelving units and clothes rails near to selling out at Displaysense, the company is already having to reorder more to fill the demand, which is the opposite to last year’s demands which saw the company’s 95% off sale signs selling out. The move from desperation to innovation has clearly paved the way for the unexpected upbeat feeling on the high street.

Only time will tell whether the predictions of a gloomy Christmas period will come true, however one thing that is certain, a temporary display isn’t just for Christmas. It can be a real life saver for retail shops.

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Displaysense Has Been Carrying Out Big Changes To Its European Online Advertising Campaigns In Order To Meet The Demands Of Its International Customers

According to Displaysense, the UK’s leading supplier of display cabinets and mannequins, many companies are not tackling all of the issues surrounding international language barriers and could be missing out on business as a result.

Due to the success of the company’s European website Displaysense.com, Displaysense has been bombarded over recent months with more and more seemingly unusual enquiries for products, which has largely been due to poor translation and misunderstanding of products and their purpose.

The company’s sales team has faced strange requests over the past year, including a customer from France searching for a ‘naked female model’, when they meant mannequin, and a lady from Germany enquiring “if your Fach came with screws”, with ‘Fach’ meaning ‘shelf’ in German. They have also dealt with partial translations from European customers, such as the Polish customer who was looking for some cack stands, when they meant cake stands.

In order to better service their international customers and avoid further embarrassment to the Displaysense sales team, keyword translations are to be added to the website’s search tool. As in the example of the shelving unit, the search tool will direct foreign users who use such phrases or words to the correct product and provide the facility to pay in Euros rather than sterling.

Steve Whittle, the marketing manager at Displaysense commented: “This is only the start of our international “driving business forward” campaign, where we shall aim to optimise our European site to offer the best in customer search results and the products put before them. Eventually we would hope to offer domain specific sites that are fully translated, but that is some time off yet.”

With changes in global trade impacting upon all forms of businesses on a day to day basis, Displaysense has recognised that it is now more important than ever to ensure that communication barriers are broken down and businesses focus their strategies upon the wider world.

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