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Displaysense Cook Up A Recipe For Success In 2010

Displaysense has decided to help inspire the countries would-be chefs with free recipes and cooking hints.

During phone calls to their customers, Displaysense the UK’s leading supplier of shop fittings and cake stands, noticed a growing trend of sales since the start of December from customers who want to display their food creations at dinner parties and social gatherings.

Displaysense Cook Up A Recipe For Success In 2010

With the entire country still feeling the effects of one of the worst recessions in recorded history, unemployment rates refuse to drop and pensioners are struggling to get by. The recession has not all been bad news however, as more and more people are turning away from eating out and microwave meals and are instead staying in to cook from scratch, which can be healthier, more nutritious and better on the bank balance.

The company is now looking to help encourage more of the country’s budding chefs to pick up a mixing bowl and get creative with their own list of recipes and helpful hints. Customers who purchased a food display from Displaysense since November will be emailed these recipes and cooking tips close to Valentines Day in February so they can really put their new found skills to the test.

Steve Whittle, marketing manager at Displaysense, commented, “We have noticed that more and more home users are buying into our catering range, which is why we have decided to create these recipes and serving suggestion tips. The recipes for the email are actually being pulled together by our staff, who are surprisingly good cooks and who knows, you might see them on YouTube sometime soon showing off their creations on some of our food displays or cake stand.”

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