Displaysense Aims To Arm Small Businesses Against Government Cutbacks

Displaysense has announced that it is supplying a new range of affordable clothes streamers to assist independent fashion retailers in the wake of the latest round of government cutback for small and medium enterprises (SME).

As the government starts to squeeze spending across the nation’s services and industries, the initial optimism of a rosy post-recession economy has started to once again take on a dreary, grey outlook of austere, frugal consumer spending that could threaten the existence of smaller businesses.

Displaysense has taken steps to help these independent stores by offering a range of cost effective products that help promote retailers merchandise without breaking the bank. The flagship product range of this new drive is a selection of garment steamers from Fridja.

Coming in at under £100, these brightly coloured, user friendly clothes steamers are proving a big success with those looking for all of the benefits of a high capacity steamer without having to remortgage their house or sell a kidney on the black market. Already securing interest across the fashion industry, the Fidja steamers represent the opening salvo of a counter attack mentality that Displaysense are mounting on the severe spending cuts imposed on the country.

Continuing to source high quality, low cost products is a top priority for the UK based display company who believe that businesses should be able to look their best no matter how tight the margins. Designed to be a much quicker and cleaner alternative to traditional ironing practices, these low cost, high performing steamers from Fridja are already being championed by major brands such as Pepe and Sienna Millers Twenty8Twelve thanks to their eye catching colours and user friendly design that allows clothes to be steamed whilst still on their coat hangers.

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Displaysense Survey Reveals Weird & Wonderful Usage For Retail Displays

Displaysense has revealed the results of a new survey that shows many of the unique ways customers utilise the company’s products.

Displaysense’s recent survey was originally intended to be a standard survey to gauge the spread of their customers across the UK but it quickly became apparent that an entirely unexpected insight into their customers was to be gained.

Coat hangers being used to create cheap digital aerials and divining rods, mannequins used as paintball targets, wire chrome shelving units as rabbit runs and clothes pegs altered to make extravagant bottle openers are just some of the ways in which customers surprised the company when they reviewed the survey results.

Other ingenious examples uncovered by the survey included a heavy duty clothing rail used as a ‘pull-up’ bar as part of a regular exercise routine, storage jars used as goldfish bowls and even acrylic display blocks used as an assault course for a lucky hamster.

Initially surprised by the results, the company has now set about using the data to improve their marketing and advertising campaigns, hoping to reap the rewards of their customer’s honesty in outlining how they use their products.

Steve Whittle, marketing director for Displaysense commented: “Whilst we’ve come across several strange applications of our products in the past, this survey has shown how varied and widespread alternative uses of our products are. Although the survey provided us with more expected data on customer habits, we’re certainly not going to disregard the more abstract ideas customers have employed.”

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Displaysense Announces Growing Trend For Plus Size Clothing Displays

Displaysense, the UK’s leading supplier of display cases and leaflet holders has seen a marked increase in requests from customers inquiring into purchasing display products able to accommodate clothes designed for the larger frame.

These requests range from larger mannequins that represent the fuller figure, to stronger and wider coat hangers that are able to display garments that use more material and weigh more than the average wire hanger is designed for.

Displaysense has also reported more unusual product requests including larger watch displays and a wider opening for their glass jars, both designed to appeal to those with wider wrists who may have been deterred from purchasing the products on offer for fear of embarrassment. These inquiries highlight the interest from companies that want to obtain displays that compliment products made for the growing population of overweight and obese individuals.

Whilst many retailers such as sports shops will want to keep their current designs and marketing strategies, others seem to be answering the publics call for a more varied and realistic depiction of the human body. Recent calls for the media to clearly label ‘touched-up’ and airbrushed photos are another indicator that consumers are losing patience with the growing disparity between what they see on the high streets and magazines and what they see in the mirror.

Steve Whittle, marketing director for Displaysense commented: “Staying relevant to your audience is one the most vital aspects of being a successful retailer. The fact that the population’s weight increase is driving shifts in consumer demands hasn’t really surprised us. Some of the more unusual requests have raised an eyebrow or two, but Displaysense is always open for fresh ideas when it comes to displays and visual merchandising.”

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Displaysense iPhone Stands Get A Good Reception

Displaysense has announced a large rise in sales of their book holders and literature stands since Apple launched their new flagship products; the iPhone 4 and the iPad.

Able to comfortably and securely hold the units for display, storage or playback purposes, the Displaysense range of literature holders and book holders are now being used by some customers as accessories for their favourite Apple products.

It appears customers have been turning to Displaysense, the UKs leading supplier ofdisplay stands and coat hangers, in reaction to the high prices that other companies have been charging for similar products that have been marketed specifically for the Apple devices.

An acrylic book stand can cost as little as £2.47 from Displaysense whereas consumers could be looking at shelling out up to £40 for an apparently bespoke bit of kit which achieves the same results.

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Displaysense Lend A Helping Hand To St Helena Hospice

Displaysense has announced it has donated display products to the St Helena Hospice shop in Colchester.

Charities and other not for profit organisations have had a testing time over the past couple of years with the recession and spiralling debts limiting the funds they desperately need to help the less fortunate.

The emergency budget on June 22nd has made it even tougher for charities to find a real deal and make the most out of their finances. With Vat to rise to 20%, charities now have to rely on donations more frequently to get by and raise funds.

Displaysense, the UK’s leading supplier of display cabinets and leaflet holders have recently donated some display products to the St Helena Hospice shop in Colchester and believe other competitors in the display industry should be doing more to aid struggling charities. In a bid to raise awareness of the issues facing the countries charities, Displaysense are looking at donating a number of other products to good causes and contacting other suppliers to get involved.

Clare Debeaux from the St Helena Hospice branch in Colchester said she was “delighted and thrilled with the donation of the clothing rails which have transformed the shop window and allowed elderly customers to access items easier”. All donations help the St Helena hospice to meet all the needs of people suffering from life threatening conditions, whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual.

Steve Whittle the marketing director at Displaysense commented on the company’s history of donating to good causes. He said: “Even back since the company’s creation in 1978, we firmly believe that it is our duty to donate to good causes such as the St Helena Hospice. We also believe not enough companies in our industry do this frequently enough. With everyone keeping such a watchful eye on their bottom lines, they have forgotten about helping out their local communities and charitable causes.”

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Displaysense Seeks To Fashion A Change On UK High Streets

Displaysense has launched a new fashion section on their website aimed at making Britain’s clothing stores more appealing.

Displaysense Seeks To Fashion A Change On UK High Streets

Experts in the retail and exhibition display markets, Displaysense is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mannequins and coat hangers and is looking to help shop owners across the country recapture their customer base, post recession.

With the new fashion display range on board, it is hoped that clothing retailers of all sizes can encourage customers to come in off the high street and part with their hard earned cash.

Small businesses in particular can benefit enormously by revamping and upgrading their shop window and shop floor displays to create a more engaging product showcase and provide customers with a more pleasant shopping experience.

According to Retail Week, online sales of clothes increased by a massive 32% in May, a sign that people are willing to spend more as the dark clouds of recession slowly make way for the blue skies of a brighter economy. Bricks and mortar companies with an online presence actually capture more of this market, but can do more by offering modern and attractive shopping environments which a lot of stores are lacking.

The companies new Fashion section features a host of fresh products that have been sourced over the past few months including a huge range of new vintage mannequin busts and wall mounted display systems such as spur shelving and clothing rails; integral parts of successful clothing and garment promotion.

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Displaysense Warns World Cup Copyright Laws Could Stick The Boot Into Small Businesses

Displaysense warns businesses of all sizes could be breaking the law as World Cup fever hits the UK and the vuvuzelas and England shirts fly off the shelf and businesses look to get their boot in the door and take advantage of the football mania.

Displaysense Warns World Cup Copyright Laws Could Stick The Boot Into Small Businesses

From pubs to estate agents, many companies are looking to ride off the back of the World Cup with catchy strap lines, however few realise that they could in fact infringe FIFA’s copyright laws. Phrases such as South Africa 2010, FIFA World Cup and even using the words World Cup in the context of football could break strict copyright laws resulting in harsh fines and even legal action.

During research into how customers are using displays during the World Cup period, Displaysense, a supplier of leaflet holders and spur shelving units in the UK discovered that 90% of customers contacted planned some form of promotion throughout June and July.

However it was also discovered that approximately 20% of those contacted are actually in breach of the FIFA copyright laws and Displaysense are looking to contact these companies to warn them about the potential impacts of their actions and give them some guidance on what they can do.

Steve Whittle the marketing director at Displaysense said, “Hardly any of the companies we contacted know anything about the copyright laws surrounding the World Cup and it’s the smaller businesses that seem to be most at risk. Even a poster holder in a pub highlighting that World Cup football can be watched on the premises is a violation of the laws. Just imagine how many of those signs you walk past every day that have similar messages on them.”

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Displaysense Pumps Up Its Range To Include Giant Inflatables

Displaysense, the leading supplier of display equipment to the UK and Ireland has recently teamed up with its sister site, Inflatableeverything.co.uk, to provide new advertising inflatables to its range.

Displaysense has been working closely with Inflatable Everything over the past few months to bring on board some of its promotional inflatables and truly become the number one supplier of display equipment to the retail, exhibition and events market.

The new move means that Displaysense which already has over 5000 products in its range, including display cabinets and twin slot shelving solutions means that it can now offer businesses and organisations a chance to promote their products or services beyond just standard display equipment, with items from bouncy castles through to giant inflatable air dancers.

Steve Whittle the marketing director at Displaysense commented, “The move to bring on some of the advertising inflatables to Displaysense, felt like the natural progression for the company as we look for market growth and expansion over the next few years. We stand by our motto of selling a display for everything and that is exactly what we are doing. We don’t just sell shop fittings”.

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