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Displaysense Survey Reveals Weird & Wonderful Usage For Retail Displays

Displaysense has revealed the results of a new survey that shows many of the unique ways customers utilise the company’s products.

Displaysense’s recent survey was originally intended to be a standard survey to gauge the spread of their customers across the UK but it quickly became apparent that an entirely unexpected insight into their customers was to be gained.

Coat hangers being used to create cheap digital aerials and divining rods, mannequins used as paintball targets, wire chrome shelving units as rabbit runs and clothes pegs altered to make extravagant bottle openers are just some of the ways in which customers surprised the company when they reviewed the survey results.

Other ingenious examples uncovered by the survey included a heavy duty clothing rail used as a ‘pull-up’ bar as part of a regular exercise routine, storage jars used as goldfish bowls and even acrylic display blocks used as an assault course for a lucky hamster.

Initially surprised by the results, the company has now set about using the data to improve their marketing and advertising campaigns, hoping to reap the rewards of their customer’s honesty in outlining how they use their products.

Steve Whittle, marketing director for Displaysense commented: “Whilst we’ve come across several strange applications of our products in the past, this survey has shown how varied and widespread alternative uses of our products are. Although the survey provided us with more expected data on customer habits, we’re certainly not going to disregard the more abstract ideas customers have employed.”

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