Geek Squad City celebrates its 10th anniversary

Geek Squad City celebrates its 10th anniversary
Geek Squad City celebrates its 10th anniversary


Minneapolis, MN, 2016-Sep-01 — /EPR Retail News/ — About 15 miles south of Louisville, Kentucky, a small but highly productive “city” is inhabited entirely by geeks. Geek Squad Agents, that is.

And today (August 30, 2016), it celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Geek Squad City boasts the largest concentration of Agents in the world, serving as the hub for repairs sent in from Geek Squad Precincts in Best Buy stores across the United States. More than 900 highly trained Agents fix computers and tablets for millions of clients each year, and there’s also a team that specializes in bringing lost data back to life. The goal: to reunite you with your device as quickly as possible.

Geek Squad City first opened its doors in August 2006 with about 230 employees. By the end of the year, it had grown to nearly 400 people – 98 of them “charter members” who still work there today.

The facility was dubbed a city because of its sprawling size. It spans nearly a quarter-million square feet, and its population swells to more than 1,000 Agents during peak seasons.

Devices are repaired in the building’s Downtown, where there is a row — or avenue — devoted to each product manufacturer. The common repairs involve motherboards, screens and hard drives. Most jobs are completed the same day they arrive.

The facility also houses a museum dedicated to showcasing the history of Geek Squad. The museum contains memorabilia including an Agent uniform and a custom Geekmobile designed by West Coast Customs.

The head of Geek Squad City operations is, of course, referred to as the mayor, and the rest of the management team is the City Council.

“It’s amazing to me how quickly our Agents can hit the screws, take these units apart, diagnose the issue and repair it,” said Mayor John Archer. “Everything in this building has a certain artistry to it, and I really appreciate the culture that’s been built here.”

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All U.S. Best Buy locations now perform Level 1 data recovery

Minneapolis, MN, 2015-12-1 — /EPR Retail News/ — Pictures of your new baby. Video from the family holiday gathering. A big term paper.

Sometimes important data seems to disappear from your device.

Before you panic, head to your local Best Buy store. Geek Squad Agents just might be able to help.

All U.S. Best Buy locations are now able to perform Level 1 data recovery — that is, find deleted and formatted files — on fully functioning devices in Geek Squad Precincts. Before, devices would need to be sent to Geek Squad City in Kentucky for the service.

“Our stores now have the ability to save clients’ precious memories at a substantial savings and a quicker turnaround – just two days on average,” said Shahrooz Eslahi, a Geek Squad senior market manager.

Common examples of Level 1 data recovery include accidentally formatted hard drives, deleted school papers or lost pictures on memory cards.

Agents will perform a diagnosis for $49.99 and then provide a cost estimate. For pricing information, click here.

Devices that need Level 2 and Level 3 data recovery will continue to be sent to Geek Squad City. Examples of Level 2 include drives that are failing or non-functioning, and Level 3 consists of extreme damage or failure, such as broken hard drives.

“The Geek Squad recommends to all our clients that they take preventive measures, like using an external hard drive, Network Attached Storage (NAS) or cloud solution,” Shahrooz said. “But for those who have a disaster strike, we can now help them better than ever.”

You might want to find the Best Buy store location nearest you — just in case.

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All U.S. Best Buy locations now perform Level 1 data recovery

All U.S. Best Buy locations now perform Level 1 data recovery