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Displaysense Provided Retail Display Products To A Video Game Company, Helping To Create A More Realistic Gaming Experience

Displaysense, the UK’s leading supplier of retail display products, were approached in mid October by a games design company looking for a number of product seconds that could be purchased and used as props.

The products, which included display cabinets were to be damaged and destroyed while being digitally captured for inclusion in an up and coming online game.

The game which has utilised the products from Displaysense is to be a realistic first person shooter that is set is famous shopping centres around the world with the player either taking on the role of a SWAT team member or that of a terrorist in retail environments. All of the shop fittings and surroundings can be destroyed and, depending on the size, used as weapons.

To get a true sense of realism inot the game, a slightly damaged display case was purchased from Displaysense and will be dropped 30ft from a crane in order to view how the impact damage can be emulated and used in the game.

Not only are the game designers set to employ heavy machinery to abuse the company’s products, but during a call to the sales team, it was hinted that a Kalashnikov rifle would be used on a mannequin to get a realistic view of bullet damage while a flame thrower-like device will be used to monitor how a plastic magazine rack melts.

The game, which is still under development, allows you to personalise your own character and fully interact with other online users in large, realistic environments.

Steve Whittle, the marketing manager at Displaysense, commented, “We were surprised to get the call but very happy to help out, especially as some of these return items were no longer of a high enough quality for us to sell again. Now they are going to be blown up or ripped apart, all in the best interest of computer gaming.”

Displaysense was also happy to learn that to reward the company for all it’s support with the project, the games company is aiming to include Displaysense‘s branding in the game.

About Displaysense:
Displaysense was established in September of 1978 as a manufacturer of quality point of sale displays. They have a wealth of experience in design and manufacturing and have been able to develop their ever growing standard range of over 1500 displays. The range is now hugely diverse including acrylic containers, display cabinets, mannequins, slatwall, shelving units, exhibition displays and business card holders.

Displaysense works with a large range of clients including, retailers (multiple and independent), blue chip corporate clients, cafés, bars, restaurants and night clubs, shop and office fitters,

Displaysense provide a full service to UK, Ireland and Europe with their dedicated websites, and

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