The First Legal Buds Offered By International Oddities


International Oddities, an influential player in the tobacco, cigarette, cigar and smoking industries, has created and initiated the legal buds industry. While many of its competitors are still struggling to develop comparable products, the company has dozens of herbal legal buds products on the market. Because of the increasing pressure to make tobacco illegal worldwide, countries such as Amsterdam have utilized the nicotine & tobacco-free herbal smoke options available.

Whether someone purchases from a large smoke shop chain or from the company itself, customers can expect a superior quality smoking experience. Legal buds are purchased with a vacuum-packed can that makes the product remain fresh for longer than usual smoke shop products. With a peek-a-bud window in their “Freshpack Rolling Kit”, customers can see the bud they can purchase beforehand. Also, with a retracting rolling tray and built-in rolling papers, the customer can smoke almost immediately and anywhere they want after purchasing. This convenience makes International Oddities popular with savvy style-conscious customers.

International Oddities is also popular with smokers and non-smokers alike. Because of their herbal tobacco alternatives, many individuals are attracted to the products due to the availability to smoke in peace with no legal hassles involved. Many individuals ask, “Do legal buds get you high?” The answer is twofold. While these products will provide a calming and relaxing effect, no marijuana is found in these herbal smokes products so legal marijuana would not be a coined phrase.

While intriguing to smokers of all ages, retail shop markets find these products even more appealing. Because of their high quality impression on new and old customers alike, this keeps business flowing for these shops with repeat customers and sales occurring daily. Many stores name IO’s products as the only good herbal smoke products to sell in their stores.

Creating herbal smoke products decades before any other smoke company, International Oddities is a leading retailer for herbal smoke options whether in stores or on the Web. Even Hollywood has caught up with the trend of these smoking products. Interestingly enough, Seth Rogan was seen smoking an International Oddities product on the MTV music awards. While many believed this was a joint, it was an herbal smoke product among IO’s collection. Other Hollywood movies or television shows using their products include: CSI, True Blood, Pineapple Express, and Crash with Dennis Hopper and My Name Is Earl along with countless others.

To what do we attribute the appeal of these products? Most often it’s the unique “otherworldly” smoking experience and the non-tobacco aspect. This herbal smoke alternative is truly supreme, and enjoyed by smokers and previous nonsmokers worldwide. International Oddities continues to impress the world with its legal buds products and revolutionary mark it has left on the cigar, cigarette and tobacco industries.

About The Company: For more information on herbal smokes and legal buds options, visit International Oddities’ official website at For more information via the telephone, call 1-800-730-4438. Enjoy legal smoke today! With a superior quality smoking experience, the products are worth your serious consideration. Try International Oddities today, a revolutionary herbal tobacco alternative.

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A revolutionary player in the tobacco, cigarette, cigar and smoking industry, International Oddities is a 100% legal herbal smoke company. Selling wholesale to distributors and stores and also selling products on their own on the web, the company has become an influential player worldwide. While initiating the legal bud industry, the company’s most popular products are sold in some of the largest tobacco and smoke shop chains in America and worldwide.


The first company to offer legal bud, International Oddities had viable legal herbal smokes decades before anyone else in the industry even tried to replicate the same products. Their competitors today only have a chance at it because of the worldwide appeal IO has achieved with their products. Today, the best their competitors can do is provide hard golf ball size lumps of herbs which many smokers have deemed unsmokeable.

International Oddities however offers customers a chance to peek-a-bud through the window of their “Freshpack Rolling Kit” before purchasing. This ¼ oz. kit includes built-in rolling papers and a retractable rolling tray. Their 1 oz. cans are vacuum packed making them fresh for a long period of time. With a 360 degree view of the enclosed ½ oz. packaged buds in their patented “shotgun tubes”, these legal herbs customers can be certain of the quality they are getting before paying for it.

By working directly with farmers and growers worldwide, each of the legal herbal smokes exotic products are crafted from seed to smoke to be high quality. This increases the enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere shared when partaking of legal herbs from International Oddities. As no tobacco is found in the products, the company is one of the first to provide a viable alternative to smoking the same old thing. While offering the most intriguing smoking experience imaginable, these products are widely accepted as preferable for the smoker and the environment.

While popular in the counterculture and Hollywood, regular consumers enjoy these products as well. With the growing debate of legal marijuana, the public’s awareness of legal herbs like those offered by International Oddities has been gaining in popularity. This wide acceptance can be found in the mass media. Some of International Oddities’ products have been used in Pineapple Express, True Blood, and Crash with Dennis Hopper, CSI and My Name Is Earl.

Other influences on the world have included the recent making of tobacco illegal in Amsterdam; this caused them to ask the company for an herbal smoke solution. With a Masters Series nicotine-free tobacco alternative available, products such as Rembrandt’s Brand, Van Gogh’s Blend and Shakespeare’s Blend are now available.

With constant changes in their products and the increase of their already superior quality, International Oddities offers dozens of legal herbs products that are more interesting than mere tobacco. With a unique experience for those who smoke or have smoked in the past, these legal herbal smokes are the new thing.

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For more information on legal herbs or herbal smoke shops, visit their official website, More information can also be provided by phone at 1-800-730-4438. Enjoy legal herbal smokes today! It’s an experience that is unforgettable.

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