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We Wanted To Share With You Our Experience Of Buying Cigarettes Online On Cigarette1.Com

It has generated a lot of noise and reactions since its launching, the online tobacconist is now dominating the online cigarettes sales.

You will find there very low prices (less than $ 25 per carton) but most of all, what makes this site so different is that they are selling original premium cigarettes and not East-Europe copies like most of the other sites today.

The price of the cigarettes is higher and higher every year in the entire world. A few years ago it was of only $ 2 or $ 3 but today it is closer to $ 6.

All the governments of most of the developped countries (such as USA, U.K, France etc..) are taxing tobacco more than any other product today. The official reason is that if the price is high, then people will quit smoking … But this is not always the case and the result today is that the average smoker has to spend a few thousands of dollars a year in cigarettes due to theses high taxes (often around 300 – 400 % !).

The site gives smokers the oportunity to buy the same cigarettes that are sold $ 60 per carton at less than $ 25 per carton and so, to save a few hundreds of dollars at the end of the year !

How can they sell cigarettes at such prices ? They are simply shipping those cigarettes from a TAX-FREE island of the caribbean ! Those brand name cigarettes are made in USA and reserved to the exportation only, simply sends them back in USA for the satisfaction of many smokers that are now dividing their cigarettes budget by 3!

On you will find brands such as Marlboro, Newport, Camel, Stuyvesant, capri, Dunhill, Davidoff, Winston, Mild Seven, Chesterfield and many more.


And on top of this they deliver worldwide FOR FREE (on all orders above $250) and offer a few other discounts depending on the way of payment that you choose.

We tried it, and received 10 cartons of USA-made Marlboro lights cigarettes 5 days after sending them the payment.

This is a great site that is more than welcome in the economically fragile period we are going through.

Via EPR Network
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