Portable Storage Containers and Storage Trailers for Holiday Inventory

As Black Friday approaches, retailers are gearing up for what is one of the largest shopping days of the year. Mobile Mini Storage is here to help retailers during the holiday season with its line of portable storage containers. Mobile Mini knows that retailers need to make sure that they have the extra inventory on hand to meet their customer’s holiday shopping demands. With Mobile Mini’s service, retailers are able to store their excess inventory on site in a secure, steel constructed mobile storage unit.

All portable storage units are delivered directly to your site creating the most convenient storage solution around. No need to hassle with offsite storage facilities that require you to transport your excess inventory back and forth from your store location. Mobile Mini has a large inventory of storage trailers available for long or short term use depending on the demands of your business. Once your seasonal inventory needs have ceased all you have to do is call Mobile Mini to schedule a pick-up for the cargo storage container … it’s that simple! Mobile Mini is committed to providing retailers this holiday season with competitively priced yet convenient storage alternatives.

Mobile Mini realizes the importance of providing customers what they need, when they need it. The same is true for retailers throughout the holiday shopping season; you need to be able to provide customers the goods or services they want now in order to have a profitable holiday season. At Mobile Mini we focus on providing retailers with the most secure storage container rental options on the market. We know that your inventory is crucial to your business and we are here to help you store it securely at your location. Mobile Mini offers standard and premium patented locking systems for all storage containers.

In addition to portable storage containers, Mobile Mini also provides businesses with modular offices and construction trailers. All portable offices are delivered to you location as well and can be rented or purchased. With a modular office from Mobile Mini you have the ability to provide extra space for additional staff/employees during the holiday season. Whatever your on site needs may be, Mobile Mini strives to be the mobile storage solution for retailers nationwide.

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When Times Get Hard People Look For Savings And Cheaper Forms Of Entertainment

When times get hard people look for savings and cheaper forms of entertainment. Research shows that television sales and home cinema equipment have bucked the current trends.

As people opt to watch more films rather that go for an expensive night out, DVD rentals companies have stepped up and offer a very cheap way to watch the latest blockbusters.

There are lots of things to bear in mind when choosing a DVD rental company. Primarily you will need to decide on a plan to suit you. Most plans are based on tiered options allowing a maximum allocation of discs per month and the number that can be simultaneously rented at one time.

There are no late fees and you can keep the discs as long as you want to all the while you have a current membership.

Delivery of the discs is usually done by post or courier, and Cinema Paradiso send out their disks by 1st class postage ensuring that there is a minimum of delay between your rentals.

Cinema Paradiso have a massive library of over 65,000 title including the latest and greatest films, including many minority interest, specialist and niche titles. Blu-Ray rentals are also provided and offer a cheap way into the world of high definition entertainment.

A film rental service such as Cinema Paradiso is very easy to use.

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