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HCG Mixing Kits Designed For Customized Weight Loss Regimens Now In Stock, a pioneer of online HCG mixing supplies and instruction, announced today the availability of proven weight loss and weight maintenance kits for those following the HCG diet.

Shoppers can choose f r o m a wide selection of HCG mixing kits and supplies designed to support the HCG Weight Loss program made popular by Dr. Simeons and Kevin Trudeau. offers an extensive collection of mixing equipment, kits and information designed to provide instruction on how to mix HCG and the proper dosage. Helpful charts can be found at

While HCG must be purchased separately, offers a number of recommended online pharmacy escrow services.

The HCG mixing kits are designed to provide dieters with the essential items needed to mix together the ingredients for the weight loss regime. With the kits f r o m, customers have the option to choose the exact needle length and syringe size that is needed. A truly customized fit which ensures that HCG mixing kits meet the exact needs of the customer. Featuring four different HCG Mixing Kits, customers can choose the kit that best fits their needs. Offering 23 and 43 day kits for varying sizes of HCG ampoules. offers everything needed to carry on the diet regime, f r o  m HCG syringes and needles, vials, HCG mixing kits, various mixing solvents, HCG recipes, and much more. The online retailer offers customers everything including the ability to find and buy HCG online (sold separately). In addition, each kit offers custom design options including various needle sizes and vials including clear vials, which are less expensive, or amber vials, which offer greater protection against light, protecting the HCG mixture for a longer shelf life.

“With each holiday season, dieters tend to pendulum swing causing poor diet choices and even worse results. With the HCG mixing kits, people can better leverage the success of their diet and get greater results,” said Jim Sparks, marketing director, “The HCG mixing kits we offer were designed with readers of both Dr. Simeons and the Trudeau book in mind. HCG Supplies make great gifts for close family or friends who want to start a diet next year.”

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