Displaysense Put Shop Displays In The Spot Light This Christmas

Displaysense the UK’s leading supplier of shop fittings, understand that a bit of festive cheer can go a long way, especially as the nights get longer and the days get colder, and are encouraging their customers to send in pictures of the best and worst Christmas displays on their local high streets, to help highlight the importance of a well thought out display presence at this time of year.

Displaysense who sell a wide variety of shop fittings including display cabinets, believe that traditional in-store Christmas decorations are not enough to encourage those all important sales this December and need to think up new and unique methods of drawing customers in store.

In order to keep retailers on their toes, Displaysense are encouraging their customers to send in photos of some of the countries best and worst displays that they spot on their local high streets, with the customer sending in the picture of the most impressive display, winning a festive Christmas hamper. The store that is found to have the countries worst display, will be sent a whoopee cushion from Inflatable Everything, the sister site of Displaysense.

Steve Whittle the marketing manager at Displaysense commented, “Simply adding a bit of tinsel and some snowflakes won’t have the same impact as previous years and stores will now need to do a lot more to attract attention. Unusual shop window displays or decorations and props really need to engage with the customer in order to work and the smart money would be on the companies who figured this out and set some extra budget aside in order to fulfill this.”

Not only will the Displaysense customers be sending in pictures of the displays, but they will also be the judges of this competition. Displaysense plan to send an email out to their customers at the start of January with the top 5 best and worst pictures sent in and will encourage customers to reply with a vote for which one they like and which one should be put on Santa’s naughty list.

It is not only shop window displays that see a dramatic face lift at Christmas, but all things down to the air freshener scent in store will need proper consideration. Stores that look closely at the finer detail of their displays will be more successful in persuading customers into purchasing. Whether it’s a change to their food displays with new cake stands or investing in more clothes rails to space out their stock, it can all make a big difference.

From Lakeside shopping centre all the way up to the Forge shopping centre, retailers need to make more of an effort to encourage consumers in store and part with their hard earned cash. But with the Displaysense customers acting as judge, jury and executioner, it is not only the retailers who could make a killing this Christmas and New Years.

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Tesco Exclusive Diamond Boutique Creates New Bra Innovation

The Tesco exclusive lingerie brand, Diamond Boutique has unveiled a pioneering new bra design, The Limitless Bra, which can be worn a never-ending number of ways. This will be Tesco’s most innovative lingerie invention ever to be introduced to stores throughout the UK.

The bra comes in several parts, including two cups and a selection of straps, giving its wearer the power to make it up ‘DIY-style’. Each cup features 24 hook positions and the back strap another 28, making the Limitless Bra one of the first bra designs ever to offer limitless ways of wearing it.

MJM International, the producer of Diamond Boutique has taken over a year and hundreds of hours of testing to perfect the revolutionary bra created exclusively for Tesco customers. The product will retail at £16.00 and will be available in sizes 32-38 A-D in black and nude.

The bra’s inventor Michelle Mone, co-founder of MJM International and creator of Diamond Boutique said; “Diamond Boutique is committed to meeting women’s lingerieneeds, which is why I’m so excited about this phenomenal new design. The Limitless Bra is unlike any other bra available on the market and can be worn hundreds of different ways. Women will be thrilled to find out that this really does deliver every bra style they will ever need, plus some”

She added; “This is without doubt a ‘must have’ garment for every lingerie drawer and is the bra women have been waiting for. These days fashion is so experimental, it’s often a hassle finding the right bra for the right outfit, any girl will tell you. But this bra can be easily constructed and adjusted to sit perfectly underneath any garment, with no straps showing and providing all the support your bust needs. It really is an unbelievable product.”

Jan Marchant, Buying Director of Tesco Clothing, said; “The Limitless Bra is the most innovative and unique lingerie design Tesco has ever seen and we’re incredibly excited about offering it in store. The product offers incredible versatility and just by moving the straps around the edge of the cups women can create any bra style they want. We anticipate that the Limitless Bra will be a must-have for the Christmas party season and that Tesco shoppers will be racing to their nearest store to bag theirs.”

Made f r o m smooth micro-fibre material and available in black and nude, The Limitless Bra is invisible under any outfit. The Limitless Bra is available f r o m Tesco stores nationwide and the Tesco Clothing website.

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