New Website for Investment Diamonds and Bespoke Diamond Jewellery

Icecool Diamonds announces the launch of a new website dedicated to extraordinary investment diamonds and bespoke diamond jewellery design.

Icecool Diamonds is backed by unrivalled experience and expertise combined with a legacy of trust and tradition and is part of the diamond jewellery division of leading diamond brokers H. Goldie & Co, one of the oldest and most established diamond brokers in the world.

The new Icecool Diamonds website is devoted to an elite, hand-selected collection of diamonds. These fabulous diamonds can be purchased loose, as objects with significant investment potential, or set into bespoke innovative, contemporary jewellery designs.

With exclusive access to the world’s finest diamonds, Icecool Diamonds now offers discerning jewellery devotees and diamond connoisseurs around the world the opportunity to acquire diamonds of absolute integrity and excellent quality, in terms of cut, colour, clarity, and in a wide range of sizes, shapes and carat weights, at the best possible prices, representing supreme value.

Icecool Diamonds introduces an expertly hand-chosen collection of investment diamonds. Each one of these twelve exceptional, 3+ carat solitaire diamonds is unique and extraordinary, with different characteristics, the very best of the best.

These diamonds represent a superb opportunity for long term investment: they have been cut and polished to the most exacting standards, by Venus Jewel.

Venus Jewel are world-leading diamantaires, celebrated for their dedication to perfection and in the world of diamond manufacturing, leading the way in the most sophisticated and advanced technologies. Their world-class branded solitaire diamonds are supported by a rigorous grading and certification system that goes way beyond the standard classifications.

For those chasing the ultimate diamond jewellery dream, Icecool Diamonds also offers a superlative bespoke jewellery design service, bringing the chosen diamond together with a highly personalised creation.

Just as each diamond has its own personality and character, so each bespoke Icecool Diamond jewel will be the perfect expression of individual style, whether classic, traditional, romantic or sleek, sharp and contemporary.

Mark Walker, Creative Director of Icecool Diamonds, world-renowned as a diamantaire, diamond trend expert and design director, works personally with each client to bring visions to life and create a ravishingly rarefied, precious and personal diamond jewel.

Visit the new Icecool Diamonds site, log on to A free mail order book is also available via the website or by calling 020 7831 7648. SPEAK TO A DIAMOND EXPERT CALL: 020 7831 7648, 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

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Tesco Wine App On iPhone Makes Everybody A Wine Buff

Tesco Wine has launched a new iPhone app especially for anyone who has ever wished they could pick the perfect wine, tasted a classy claret at a party and wondered where they could buy it, or wanted to impress their friends with connoisseur-like credentials.

Now everybody can be a wine buff with’s new Wine app – developed by Cortexica Vision Systems which was founded by experts f r o m Imperial College using pioneering visual imaging that mimics the way the human brain identifies images.

“All you need to do is take a picture of any wine bottle label f r o m your iPhone and if it is one of the 1,000 that Tesco Wine by the Case stocks you’ll see all the tasting notes and information about that wine, including the guide price,” explained Laura Wade-Gery, CEO.

“We hope this will democratise and demystify wine know-how by making information much more accessible. But we’re advising using the app cautiously if you’re at a dinner party – exercise good manners and discretion at all times. Tesco Wine by the case sells some wonderful, award-winning wines that are great value, so you wouldn’t want to embarrass your hosts by announcing the price tag.”

The app can suggest the ideal wine, depending on budget, menu or preferred country of origin – user just tap the button or shake the phone and wait for their result, all to the glug-glug sound of wine being gently poured f r o m a bottle and the resulting pop of the cork.

The Wine app will direct the user through to Tesco Wine by the case so that customers can buy their selection direct f r o m their mobile phone – perfect for stocking up for seasonal entertaining.

Steve Semenzato, CEO of Cortexica, said: “This brilliant app is built upon a Vision System that is the result of six years’ research. It is unique because it does not match an image directly to another image but looks for key features to match against, just like the human brain does. It won’t matter if you can’t quite get the perfect picture – not easy to do on a curvy bottle – it should still recognise a label.”

For customers without iPhones, the Tesco Wine Club has lots of information about the best wines to grace Christmas tables this season, specially selected by Gerard Bassett, the only person in the world to hold the combined qualifications of Master Sommelier, Master of Wine and a Wine MBA.

Gerard’s selections in full – made with Tesco’s own Master of Wine, Pierpaolo Petrassi – are available f r o m the Tesco website and in the latest edition of the WineClub magazine.

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