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Spring Season Reductions on HCG for Weight-Loss Supplies, a leading online seller of HCG for weightloss supplies, accessories and mixing kits, has announced new lower prices on its selection of high quality mixing kits and accessories. Beyond merely promoting weight-loss, the innovative HCG protocol helps dieters improve their relationship with food and maintain their ideal weight over the long term.

“Springtime is right around the corner and now is the time to start slimming down for the swim suit season,” said Jim Sparks, director of marketing at “Too many of us wait until the last minute and resort to crash dieting to prepare for the spring and summer seasons. That’s why we’re offering great deals on supplies to help dieters lose weight sensibly, and keep it off with the aid of HCG.”

Daily HGC injections in conjunction with a healthy low-calorie diet, have been associated with decreased hunger and weight loss of up to a pound per day. This combination of HCG and diet is intended to help the body burn fat cells while avoiding the muscle-loss and malaise associated with many other popular weight-loss programs.’s kits are ideal for dieters following the pioneering HCG-based diet regimes as put forth by Dr.. Simeons and Kevin Trudeau.’s most popular item, the HCGTest 43-Day Mixing Kit tops the list of sale-priced items. HCGSupplies’ mixing kits are designed to provide dieters with the essential items needed to precisely mix together the ingredients needed for their specific weight-loss regime. These kits allow customers to choose their desired syringe size and mixing solvents, and can be further customized to include accessories like syringe filters, amp breakers and HGC potency test strips.

Prices have also been reduced on the popular 23-Day mixing kits as well as’s full selection of a la carte HCG mixing accessories.

Offering all the latest HCG supplies and accessories, was founded to give customers not only the best products for weight loss, but also the resources to help dieters properly understand how HCG can be used effectively for weight loss. While does not sell HCG, the web site sells everything a person might need to properly use the supplement: syringes, vials, HCG mixing kits, various mixing solvents, HCG recipes, and much more.

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