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Access Discounts Announces Sale on Grow Lights in Time for Spring Gardening Season – a leading supplier of grow lights, home lighting and commercial lighting, is celebrating the start of the Spring gardening season by offering storewide savings on its entire selection of grow light systems, bulbs and accessories. The online retailer is a complete shopping solution for all gardeners, f r o m beginner to advanced.

Thanks to increasingly energy-efficient, “greener” lighting solutions, gardening is moving indoors at an unprecedented rate.

Indoor gardening continues its rise in popularity due to its numerous advantages over outdoor growing, and not just to those living in harsh climates or small spaces. An indoor garden helps create a cleaner environment by absorbing hydrocarbons and airborne chemicals and allergens, all while releasing oxygen. And now the clinically proven therapeutic effects of gardening as an activity can be enjoyed any time of day, year-round.

Meanwhile the organic gardening boom of the last decade, fueled by growing interest in nutrition and overall health along with concerns about environment, has only further broadened the scope and possibility of indoor growing as more people each year decide to indulge their inner green thumbs.

Arguably the greatest application of grow lighting is its usefulness in hydroponic gardening, which is increasingly preferred to conventional soil-based gardening due to the its superior water-efficiency and higher, more stable yields. The controlled environment of a hydroponic garden results in far fewer problems with disease and pests, and the adaptability of the method makes gardening possible in all manner of small, indoor spaces. has been a leading supplier for growers and gardeners since its establishment in 2002, offering a top-to-bottom inventory of grow lights, fixtures, bulbs and accessories. “We’re proud to be an indispensable resource for growers of all levels, f r o m recreational to commercial, anyone who wants to join the growing community of indoor growers, really.” says the company’s spokesperson Christina Roush.

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