Offers Free Shipping on Grow Light Systems, the web’s leading online retailer of Commercial lighting, grow lights and home lighting, is proud to offer free shipping on all switchable grow light systems and ballasts for the summer growing season. This includes switchable grow light systems and ballasts from such well regarded companies as Plantmax, SOL Lighting and more.

“The summer growing season is a time to harvest a large bushel of fruits, vegetables and flowers from your garden,” said Christian Roush, spokesperson for Access Discounts. “Of course, if you don’t have room for an outdoor garden, you may feel left out of the party when it comes to growing your own produce and skipping the exceedingly expensive prices at the local grocery store. For those of you who do not have room for an outdoor garden, is proud to offer the best quality grow light systems and ballasts that turn just about any room into your house into a garden area. If you have an extra closet or a spare room you can set up the system, get some pots, soils and seeds, and with some TLC you can have the same quality produce that people get with their outdoor gardens. Plus, with free shipping on all switchable grow light systems and ballasts at, there is no better time to get going on your indoor garden.”

Offering the best prices and stellar customer service, stocks the highest quality grow light systems, bulbs, ballasts, reflectors and accessories to satisfy everyone from those trying indoor gardening for the first time, to those serious gardeners looking to grow the plumpest, juiciest tomatoes. With dozens of systems which fit any individual need or price range, people can grow their gardens in their living rooms, bedrooms, office, or even inside a closet. You can find more info on grow light systems at

In addition to free shipping on grow light systems and ballasts, customers can receive a 5% discount on all grow light purchases over $999. Check for more details.

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More Retail press releases Provide Products to Help Ensure Safety Ceiling HID Fixtures Bring Strong Luminosity To Poorly Lit Areas, the web’s leading online retailer of commercial lighting, grow lights, and hid fixtures, is proud to offer a variety of new ceiling HID fixtures at special sale pricing. These commercial lighting devices provide strong luminosity to areas that are poorly lit., known for their wide selection of grow lights and commercial lighting, provide top-of-the-line merchandise at greatly discounted prices. These canopy commercial lights, typically used in business settings such as grocery stores, and gas stations, allow for continued business operation. Many are able to use these commercial lights for personal use to help ensure safety of a home. Similarly many college campuses and schools utilize this particular type of lighting to ensure the safety of their students and faculty.

By providing properly illuminated areas it will deter potential burglars or vandals. This will form of security aid in providing additional safety to any home or business setting. Currently is conducting a large sale on ceiling HID fixtures. With the large promotional pricing occurring, consumers can save up to 49% off original pricing.

Offering the best prices and stellar customer service, stocks the highest quality grow light systems, bulbs, ballasts, reflectors and accessories to satisfy everyone from those trying indoor gardening for the first time, to those serious gardeners looking to grow the plumpest, juiciest tomatoes. With dozens of systems which fit any individual need or price range, people can grow their gardens in their living rooms, bedrooms, office, or even inside a closet.

For a limited time, customers can receive a 5% discount on all grow light purchases over $999 and free shipping on orders over $1,499. Check for more details.

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Debenhams Announces Chandelier Sales Soaring Despite Recession

High street store Debenhams have revealed that home owners, eager to lift the gloom of the recession, have created the most unlikely shopping boom of all time – highly ornate chandeliers.

Once the preserve of the rich and well-to-do, demand for the big, ever more elaborate, multi-bulb light fittings has been soaring ever since the first financial tremor hit the stock markets two years ago.

Sales have increased with every successive bit of bad news, to reach an all time high this week, says Debenhams. Customer demand for this type of home lighting has led the store to significantly expand its offer and make the full range available to buy online at

Debenhams spokesman Ed Watson said: “While economists are searching desperately for light at the end of the tunnel, home owners are opting for more certainty by putting huge lights into the ceiling over their heads.

“Dark days may lie ahead for the economy, but in front rooms all over the nation, things have never looked brighter.”

Elaborate creations in gold and silver with dozens of reflective crystals and up to 12 bulbs are now common place in even the most modest terrace house, Debenhams revealed.

The most popular designs are miniature sized versions of some of the greatest chandeliers found in stately homes across the country, as not everyone may have the space to accommodate one of the larger models.

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More Retail press releases Offers Grow Light Options for Indoor Gardening, the web’s leading online retailer of commercial lighting, grow lights and home lighting, is proud to offer a wide variety of grow light supplies and fixtures for those looking to maximize their indoor gardening potential for summer months. Featuring the newest LED and florescent bulbs and grow light accessories, has everything a person would need to make sure their indoor fruits and vegetables grow plump and fresh. Offers Grow Light Options for Indoor Gardening

“Because of the economy, there is a trend of more and more people choosing to live in apartment or condo buildings instead of paying mortgage on a house,” said Christina Roush, spokesperson for Access Discounts. “Because of this, not everyone has access to an outdoor gardening area to plant their own fresh fruit and vegetables. Thanks to grow lights, though, people with a love for fresh produce will be able to have their own garden even without needing access to natural light. Perfect for apartments, condos and houses lacking in outdoor gardening space, the grow light bulbs and accessories offered at will help make the dream of fresh picked produce available to anyone with a green thumb.”

Offering the best prices, and stellar customer-service, stocks the highest quality grow systems available for year round, indoor gardening. Customers can choose from a wide range of switchable, metal halide, high pressure sodium, fluorescent and LED systems which offer such top of the line features as multi-volt ballasts by Advance or Magnetek and can operate at a variety of voltages depending on individual needs.

To keep energy costs down and growing conditions optimum, offers a variety of the latest florescent grow light fixtures and LED grow light bars. Producing lower heat then typical HID grow lights, florescent bulbs allow the light fixtures to be placed at closer proximities greatly decreasing the lumens lost from the bulb to the plant. Florescent grow lights are energy efficient and effective especially when used in numbers. LED grow lights are also a favorite tool of the indoor grower due to the fact that they consume less power and produce only a fraction of the heat as typical HID lamps. Relatively cheap, bright and long lasting, LED lights do not require additional ballasts which also saves the grower money long term.

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Customers Outside California Pay No Sales Tax on Commercial Lighting Solutions at, the web’s leading online retailer of commercial lightinggrow lights and home and outdoor lighting has announced its own kind of tax-break: it will pay the sales tax on all orders from customers outside of California. This announcement represents the latest in the company’s commitment to serving businesses and to providing the highest quality USA-made lighting systems, parts and accessories at unbeatable discount prices.

“We realized that during this time of year, the last thing businesses want to do is pay more taxes. What could be more appropriate than a sales tax break?” asks Christina Roush, general manager, “This is our way of saying‘Thanks’ and offering our continuing support to business owners. We’re grateful to be a trusted source for America’s commercial lighting needs.”

Businesses everywhere are indeed bracing for more hard times and thus seeking out new ways to increase profits and reduce operating costs. AccessDiscounts has long been a supporter of businesses of all kinds; the company offers quantity discounts on large orders, in addition to free or discounted shipping. All orders over $999 receive 5% off, and free shipping is applied to orders of $1499 or more.

AccessDiscounts also strives to help businesses achieve lower operating costs by offering the best in energy-efficient lighting solutions. According to the U.S. Government’s Energy Star website, lighting accounts for 25 to 50% of a business’ energy costs. It is estimated that even a 10% reduction in energy costs for an average full-time retail business can boost net profit margins by as much as 1.55%. The use of modern lighting technology not only ensures energy efficiency, but also improves employee productivity and increases retail sales. is a leading seller of compact fluorescent lamps, increasingly popular for both their exceptional efficiency and long life. A single CFL bulb will save an estimated $30 over the life of the bulb compared to a conventional incandescent. But CFLs can save business owners money in a number of ways beyond simple energy savings, from reduced heating costs due to less heat output, to lowered maintenance costs resulting from bulbs that don’t need frequent replacement.

Also in keeping with its commitment to helping businesses, invites owners and managers to take advantage of its first-rate customer service. The company’s lighting specialists are available by phone, free of charge to consult and offer recommendations to help business lower their bottom lines.

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Access Discounts Announces Sale on Grow Lights in Time for Spring Gardening Season – a leading supplier of grow lights, home lighting and commercial lighting, is celebrating the start of the Spring gardening season by offering storewide savings on its entire selection of grow light systems, bulbs and accessories. The online retailer is a complete shopping solution for all gardeners, f r o m beginner to advanced.

Thanks to increasingly energy-efficient, “greener” lighting solutions, gardening is moving indoors at an unprecedented rate.

Indoor gardening continues its rise in popularity due to its numerous advantages over outdoor growing, and not just to those living in harsh climates or small spaces. An indoor garden helps create a cleaner environment by absorbing hydrocarbons and airborne chemicals and allergens, all while releasing oxygen. And now the clinically proven therapeutic effects of gardening as an activity can be enjoyed any time of day, year-round.

Meanwhile the organic gardening boom of the last decade, fueled by growing interest in nutrition and overall health along with concerns about environment, has only further broadened the scope and possibility of indoor growing as more people each year decide to indulge their inner green thumbs.

Arguably the greatest application of grow lighting is its usefulness in hydroponic gardening, which is increasingly preferred to conventional soil-based gardening due to the its superior water-efficiency and higher, more stable yields. The controlled environment of a hydroponic garden results in far fewer problems with disease and pests, and the adaptability of the method makes gardening possible in all manner of small, indoor spaces. has been a leading supplier for growers and gardeners since its establishment in 2002, offering a top-to-bottom inventory of grow lights, fixtures, bulbs and accessories. “We’re proud to be an indispensable resource for growers of all levels, f r o m recreational to commercial, anyone who wants to join the growing community of indoor growers, really.” says the company’s spokesperson Christina Roush.

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Save Up to 60% on Energy Saving Lighting – a leading supplier of commercial lighting, home lighting and energy saving lighting, today announced its holiday sale.

Just in time for the winter season, customers can benefit f r o m significant price reductions on the highest quality energy saving lights. With a huge selection of commercial and residential lighting designed to reduce energy costs for your home or business.

Access Discounts has a large assortment of energy saving commercial lighting and energy saving home lighting, giving customers the ability to choose f r o m their large selection of indoor and outdoor energy saving lights.

During the colder holiday season, indoor lighting and outdoor lighting is necessary not only for safety, but for setting the mood for social gatherings. Often consumers neglect the essentials to a good holiday gathering and focus on temporary decorations. The addition of energy saving lighting and cost reducing fixtures can often be the most powerful element to holiday lighting but carries the value on well through the holiday season.

F r o m indoor fluorescents to outdoor lighting fixtures such as canopy lights and garden bollards to wallpacks and flood lights, Access Discounts carries top brands such as Hunter Kenroy and Sunblaster.

“Our instant savings on energy saving lights offers consumers huge cost savings,” stated NAME, spokesperson for Access Discounts. As the economy continues to waiver, it is important to our business philosophy to offset the burden with value and continuous product savings,” NAME concluded.

As always, Access Discounts offers the lowest prices online. Combine that with their safe and easy ordering process and knowledgeable and responsive customer service, they guarantee your satisfaction. By offering precision engineered products meeting ETL, UL & CUL standards, the company brings the very best in energy efficient lighting solutions to market while passing savings on to their customers. Customers can take advantage of Access Discounts’ price breaks and implement power saving and cost saving solutions with minimal investment. For more information on energy saving lights on sale, please visit

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